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Christmas is almost here but it’s not too late to make something awesome!

It’s the gift that keeps on giving and it’s a PERFECT stocking stuffer for your kids, your husband, or your best girlfriend.

These cute coupons with a humorous twist are pre-designed and print-ready. Just download, print and cut for a quick, easy and FUN gift! All books also come with layered .TIF files to give you the option of editing the ‘legal’ description portion of the coupon to customize it to your taste. Print them all or pick and choose!

Grab more than one set and mix and match for a truly unique coupon combination. Don’t miss the amusing descriptions!


Editions available:

  • Kids
  • Girlfriends/Sisters
  • Everyday Couples
  • Romantic Couples
  • Sexy Couples

Just $5.00 each (reg. $7.95)


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QUICK! Get crafting – it’s a Valentine’s Day SURPRISE! The amazing Pixelista created the cutest craft EVER and we’ve turned it into an editable template and a print-ready printable! Check out her super cute project and scroll to the bottom to download your template!

You’ve Got Mail! Love Letter Mailbox
By: Pixelista

Free printable mailbox template

Send a token of love and affection to that someone special this Valentine’s Day by making this nifty little mailbox to deliver your heartfelt sentiments! Stuff it with mini love notes or sweet treats to help make it an extra special day!


Wild Hearts Papers & Elements
Pixelista’s Mailbox Template
Adhesive Tape
Dimensional Adhesive Squares
Gems, Sequins etc.
Exacto Knife/scissors
Scoring Tool
Cutting Board/mat


1.Cut out, score all neccessary lines and apply double sided tape to marked areas on all mailbox pieces. 

2. Cut out the mail shoot window & door on the sides & top only. Apply some tape to the top edge and stick on the decorative “handle”.

Paper printable mailbox 2

3. Prepare the base of your mailbox by snipping the corners of the base square and then scoring around the perimeter. Add tape to the sides excluding the snipped corners. Fold up the sides to make a “shallow tray”. Set the base aside.

Paper printable mailbox 3

4. Take the first side of the mailbox and attach it to the mailbox front starting at the foot making sure to align the edges. Continue to work your way up the side around the curve of the top and then finishing with the back foot.

Paper printable mailbox 4

Repeat the above step 4 instruction with the remaining side of the mailbox, starting by aligning the front foot and working your way to the back.

5. Insert your mailbox base into the opening at the bottom. Align the base evenly on all 4 sides and press into place making sure to get adhesion from your tape. I used the mailbox door to gain access to the interior to help press the sides of the box to the base.

Paper printable mailbox 5

6. Embellish with Wild Hearts Elements, sequins, gemstones ribbons to adorn your mailbox.

Paper printable mailbox 6

Such a cute project and a fun thing to do with the kids tomorrow! Get the whole family to write love notes to one another and drop them into the box and read them all later in the day or fill with candy for a sweet surprise! HUGE thanks to the uber crafty Pixelista for this amazing template.

Printable mailbox template


Happy Crafting!
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Movie bingo cards printables

Over a year ago I released the fun Movie Night Digital Scrapbook Kit and my wonderful friend, Mint team member and hybrid crafting wizard Mary Jo Johnston came up the most ADORABLE project using it – Movie Night Bingo!

Movie night bingo cards printables

We posted her amazing project on the blog with instructions on how to make them but since then (and for some reason specifically in the last few weeks) I’ve been getting a ton of requests from you guys wanting to purchase the Bingo Cards as printables.

So we took her original cards and bumped them up a notch and I’m so excited to share with you that they are now available for you as a quick print-ready project.

Movie Night Bingo Card Printables

Movie bingo cards printable

Your kids will love playing Movie Night Bingo!


  • 10 different BINGO cards (print as many as needed)
  • 120 Calling Squares (prints on three 8.5×11″ sheets)
  • 1″ Round Card Markers (print as many as needed)
  • Game Play Instructions
  • Printing Instructions

All files are included as print-ready PDF files. Just download and print! I’ve included a full sheet of round red markers sized for a 1″ paper punch if you have one. Alternatively, you could use pennies, M&M’s, Hershey Kisses, foam shapes or anything else you can think of to cover the called spaces.

Movie bingo printables

I think most people are familiar with Bingo but just in case you need a refresher, here’s the short version. Someone is designated as the caller. This person pulls the calling squares from a bag or a box and calls them out to the players who then look to see if they have the letter/symbol called on their card. Called letter/symbols are covered up with a marker. The goal is to complete one of the winning patterns shown below.

Before play begins, decide if you will play only until a player gets a line, a t-shape, a border or a blackout. You could have multiple prizes on hand for each of the 4 win patterns and continue play of the same game until all 4 patterns are achieved. For example, BINGO is called when a player gets a line. Play then continues for all players using the same cards and the goal is now to get the t-shape. Then play continues until someone gets the border. Another option is to start new games with a single designated winning pattern set for each game. For example, in this game players must get a blackout to win. Getting a line or t-shape would not win at all in this particular game.

Small prizes can be given for each win pattern or maybe the winner’s prize is his or her choice of movie.

Ways win bingo

Movie Night Bingo is great for:

  • Rainy Days
  • Family Game Night
  • Movie Themed Birthday Parties
  • Sleepover Parties
  • Oscar Night
  • Just Because

Movie bingo card

Fire up that printer, pop some buttery popcorn, plan a fun movie night and play a little BINGO!

DOWNLOAD: Movie Night Bingo Card Printables

Happy crafting,
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Doesn’t that make you want to pop some popcorn, throw in your favorite movie and play a little Bingo?! – See more at:
Doesn’t that make you want to pop some popcorn, throw in your favorite movie and play a little Bingo?! – See more at:
Doesn’t that make you want to pop some popcorn, throw in your favorite movie and play a little Bingo?! – See more at:
Doesn’t that make you want to pop some popcorn, throw in your favorite movie and play a little Bingo?! – See more at:

Edited to add: Due to popular request Mary Jo’s Movie Night Bingo Card Printables are now (finally) available for purchase!

Movie Night Bingo Cards
Project & Tutorial by: Mary Jo Johnston

If you haven’t downloaded Movie Night, you must have been under a rock or buried under holiday decorations for the last couple of weeks. Hurry, it’s only FREE for a limited time!

And, I have an added bonus for you – a cute, new, FREE hybrid project that you can make (after you’ve unburied yourself from the holiday decorations!).


Go Grab:
Movie Night Kit, of course! (*note: a few elements are from the Christmas Flicks Kit, but you could use Movie Night for the entire project)
– A Circle Punch
– Scissors or Trimmer

Wow! That’s it. Besides your creative skills, computer and printer, you only need 3 tools.

How to do it:
I started with a simple 5” x 5” grid design, in Photoshop. (I later shrunk the entire design to 5” x 7”). From there, I selected my favorite elements and placed them in the each square. Don’t forget the FREE star in the middle!


After the grid design was complete, I flattened the image and placed it on top of my favorite patterned paper, in a new canvas. I added the MOVIE title and embellishment across the top, as well as, the instructions at the bottom. I printed the cards two to a page.


Next, I created my Bingo Markers and Calling Tags.
These are very simple circles (use a size that matches the size circle punch you own).


Your Calling Tags will vary depending on the elements you chose for each row on your Bingo Card. Be sure to create a Calling Tag for every element, under every letter. You’ll do this for each Bingo Card, as each one should be different. I created a total of four Bingo Cards, in four different patterns.


Create and punch as many Bingo Markers as you like. You’ll use these to cover the spaces on your card as each letter and picture are called.


Doesn’t that make you want to pop some popcorn, throw in your favorite movie and play a little Bingo?!

Happy creating and Happy New Year!

Mary Jo =)

Don’t want to make your own? Mary Jo’s Movie Night Bingo Card Printables are now (finally) available for purchase as print-ready PDF files!

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