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Disney Cruise Tag Book Full BlogPost

By: Mary Jo Johnston

Summer is here! Grab those vacation photos and let’s make something AMAZING!

I’ve been making a ton of tags lately (instead of my usual ‘go to’ – cards) and thought it would be so much fun to turn those tags into a mini vacation book from our recent Disney Cruise. Of course, Miss Mint has the perfect kit to coordinate. She’s a rock star like that!

This is such a simple project even for a beginner crafter to create and your kids will love flipping through it so let’s get started.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Vacation or favorite photos
  • Cardstock or chipboard for the base of your tags
  • Scissors or paper trimmer
  • Glue and/or foam dots
  • Your favorite stickers and/or embellishments
  • Ribbon
  • (1) Loose leaf ring or jump ring
  • Printed Peppermint Creative Papers and LIP Cards

Disney Cruise Tag Book BlogPost

Cut the number of tags you’d like to have in your book out of cardstock. This is a heavier weight paper (somewhere between cardboard and paper) that will give your tags some substance and durability. I used a basic tag shape and my tags are approximately 6” tall by 3.25” wide. Cover the base of your tags with your favorite Peppermint Creative patterned papers and cardstock. Punch a hole at the top of each tag. I like to punch the first one and use it as a guide by laying it on top of the next and punching through both or just use it and mark with a pencil to keep them all even.

Once you’ve got your tags cut and covered the fun begins! It’s time to add your photos and embellish.

Disney Cruise Tag Book P1 BlogPost

Disney Cruise Tag Book P2 BlogPost

You can embellish a few tags without a photo or keep one plain just for journaling.

Disney Cruise Tag Book P3 BlogPost

Disney Cruise Tag Book P4 BlogPost

Disney Cruise Tag Book P5 BlogPost

Print and cut out some embellishments from your favourite digital kit or grab some store-bought stickers, letters and 3D embellishments.

Disney Cruise Tag Book P6 BlogPost

Disney Cruise Tag Book P6 DET BlogPost

Disney Cruise Tag Book P7 BlogPost

This is my favorite page! The LIP Cards are perfect for printing and add that perfect embellishment to your projects! You can customize the size and add a few foam dots to make them pop off the page.

Disney Cruise Tag Book P8 BlogPost

Disney Cruise Tag Book P8 DET BlogPost

I added a little anchor sticker right to the middle of this card and it’s my favorite of the whole album! Assemble all of your tags with a loose leaf ring or a jump ring (found at any office supply store). Add a colorful ribbon to the ring and you have a showcase of your memories!

This could also be a fun craft to let the kids create the themselves. Print and prep the tag bases and let them add the photos and embellish.

Be sure to upload your creations to the Peppermint Creative Gallery. You might just find your project featured on the blog! =)

Happy creating!

xo Mary Jo

Turn an ordinary deck of cards into a thoughtful, custom gift for Dad!

Father’s Day is almost here but there is still plenty of time to craft up something special and straight from the heart.

This super cute craft is easy to make and will mean so much. This little project continues to be a customer favorite so I’m delighted to tell you that I finally updated the Dad version below with a reformatted version that now includes an editable PDF format for those without special software.


Just add your own text, print, cut and assemble onto an old deck of cards. Includes an easy to use editable print-ready PDF templates that you can easily edit using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If you don’t have Acrobat Reader you can download it free here. Note: Photos cannot be added and font cannot be changed from basic Arial when using this version.


Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Paint Shop Pro Users: Files are included individually and pre-assembled for you on a print-ready 8.5×11″ sheet in 3 different formats – yep! that’s right, it’s easier than ever to customize and print. You can add text, change fonts and add photos!

Don’t have Photoshop but have other photo editing software like My MemoriesSuite, Craft Artist, Panstoria or Storybook Creator? Perfect! Blank JPG & PNG files are also included for you to add your own text. These are suitable for those with programs that allow you to add text to a blank graphic image. A graphics software/scrapbook software program is needed to make use of the .PNG files which are the photo inserts.

Includes alternate title pages:

  • 52 Things I/we Love About You
  • 52 Things I/we Love About You Dad
  • 52 Reasons I’m/we’re Lucky to have a Dad Like You


Size of Cards Required:
Sized to fit NARROW deck of playing cards sized: 2.25″×3.5″ inches.
Playing cards & font shown not included.



Check out this awesome tutorial for instructions (complete with pictures) on how to put your deck of cards album together.


And finally…with Father’s Day being only a few days away I thought I’d help you with your list of 52 things. Here are some ideas for kids (and grown-ups) of all ages to get you going. Customize as needed and of course add your own. Hope this helps! :) The more specific and personal you can make your list, the better.

1. tells great bedtime stories
2. honest to a fault
3. intelligent
4. helps with homework
5. supportive
6. hard-working
7. can count on him for anything
8. generous
9. kills the creepy bugs
10. good listener
11. makes the best burgers/eggs/pancakes etc.
12. taught me how to play poker/chess/tennis etc.
13. tells funny jokes
14. can fix just about anything
15. makes me laugh
16. hard-working and dedicated
17. taught me important life lessons
18. takes care of me
19. does my taxes/helps with finances
20. plays soccer/tag/board games with me
21. he is my cheerleader
22. he likes to sing
23. he pushes me to do better
24. he always believes in me
25. he showed me how to be a good father/parent
26. he always puts his family first
27. he always puts the toilet seat down
28. he won’t eat anything that is green (or some other weird quirk)
29. kind to people
30. always helps me when I need it
31. pick me/drive me to dance/soccer/school etc.
32. never blame your farts on others
33. make the world’s best BBQ
34. always call to check up on me
35. take me to fun places zoo/museum/camping
36. like to sing even though you’re terrible
37. smartest person I know
38. taught me to ride a bike
39. comes to every dance recital/football game/school function
40. proud of me
41. influenced my life in a major way
42. taught me how to love by example
43. taught me how to change oil/fix flat
44. taught me how to drive a car
45. love me for who I am
46. he’s my best friend
47. he is the (insert name of game/sport) master
48. he calls me (nickname)
49. he takes me to (restaurant/special place) to get a special treat
50. he knows everything about everything
51. he tucks me in at night
52. he lets me help him do projects/fix things

Happy Crafting!


This just makes me smile! We’ve got a very special guest on the blog today for our very FIRST Mini Mint Chick Feature: Miss Macey Johnston.

Last month (oh my goodness it’s already literally been over a month) I headed out to Orlando to have some fun in the sun – (though it rained through most of our trip) with Mint Chick Mary Jo Johnston. We had an absolute blast at Disney World. I shared some photos in our Facebook Group but I will post more on the blog tomorrow. But first we have to talk about little miss Macey.

When I arrived in Orlando to meet Mary Jo I was greeted with a collection of amazing handmade cards that MJ’s daughter Macey had made just for me. I was blown away by the detail and her amazing creativity. If you’ve been following the blog for a while you might know Mary Jo as Peppermint Creative’s resident Queen of Cards. Clearly the creative apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. This little girl is talented!

I couldn’t wait to rush home to photograph them so I could share these cute cards with all of you:

IMG 6118

Macey hand made each card and included great artistic touches like the layered vellum balloons above and the hand written poem below. So sweet.

IMG 6126

Don’t you just love the cloud cut-out windows on this one – signed by the artist of course.

IMG 6127

I will definitely save these in a special place. Thank you Macey for the beautiful cards. I was so impressed by your attention to detail and your beautiful designs. I was so flattered that you took the time to make these cards just for me. I know that everyone who sees them will be inspired by your creativity! I can’t wait to see what you create next.

Do you have creative kids at home?
They could be our next Mini Mint Chick!

I happen to know that many of you DO have super talented kids at home and I’d love to see what they’re creating!

Minimintchick call

Give them some Minty supplies (either digital or pre-printed) and submit your kids creations by email (design@websitename.com) or in the gallery. It’s never to early to get them crafting.

Can’t wait to see what your little ones are crafting up!

Mm sig

Paper fan flower wreath DIY

Fan Flowers for Any Occasion
Tutorial By: Megan Whitney

My four-year old was begging me to update our spring wreath to a summer wreath, so I thought I’d print out some Minty papers and come up with a quick little adornment for our grapevine wreath. I went red white and blue for Independence Day, but now that it’s come and gone we needed a fresh summery update, so I thought I’d take pictures along the way. This is so quick and fun, and even kids can help out (or at least LOVE watching).

Supplies used:

This craft is really quick and easy and completely utilizes two sheets of paper (no wasted paper or ink!). I wanted 5 fan flowers, so I printed one sheet of paper with 2 designs, and one sheet of paper with 3 designs, and trimmed accordingly. Note that with this tutorial the width of your strip will become the diameter of your fan flower.

Paper fan flowers 02

Once your papers are printed and cut into strips, fold your papers back and forth like a fan. You can follow Miss Mint’s Fan Flower Tutorial and use your scoring blade, but if you don’t have one, you can just use your trimmer or a ruler to measure the fan folds and keep them even. Perfection is not required here. I prefer to start with the first fold being wrong sides together to make later attachments easier.

Paper fan flowers 03

Next fold the sides together so that it pinches in the middle. These things are VERY forgiving, so a little squishing and pinching can get it just how you like it, and if it’s not perfect, that’s ok too.  Look how cute the final product is! Once you’ve got it folded, tie the centre.

Paper fan flowers 04

Now, as a strict digital scrapbooker, I don’t have a huge array of fasteners, so my options for tools here were staples or scotch tape. Bend the ends around and attach them in whichever way is convenient. My tiny stapler gave out on me, and I was able to scrunch the papers around with my bigger one and some repinching on the folds refreshes the slightly squished fan flowers.

Paper fan flowers 05

Then arrange your fans how you want them and attach with copious amounts of hot glue. I attached the fans to my grapevine wreath with safety pins.

Paper fan flowers 06

Paper fan flowers 01

And there you have it – quick and easy door decor that you can change and update all year round. Just change up your selection of printable digital papers papers used to create the flowers to suit any holiday or season. Add a few cobwebs and plastic spiders for Halloween or some holly and tinsel around Christmas. There are a million fun and creative ideas to dream up. Bookmark or pin this page to check back when you’re ready to get started.

Happy crafting!

xo Megan

How To Make  An “Eggstra” Special Easter Basket
By: Tanya Alley

Photo1 printable easter egg basket

Supplies Used:

  • Cardstock
  • Scissors or Cutting Machine (Silhouette)
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Easter Grass
  • Printer
  • Candy
  • Free Template

Photo 2 DIY paper silhouette easter

How to:

Easter is such a fun holiday for crafting. I couldn’t resist creating a cute egg shaped basket using my Silhouette machine and my favourite Easter themed digital scrapbooking kit Speckled Egg: Brights and I’m so excited to share my template with you. If you don’t have a Silhouette Cameo, don’t feel left out – I’ve also included instructions and a template to create this cute basket easily by hand with a pair of scissors as well.

Instructions by hand (without using a Cutting Machine): 

Print the template on fairly sturdy cardstock and cut it out.

Photo 3a

Photo 3b

Next fold along the dashed lines.

Photo 4a 

Add double sided tape and tape the box together.

Photo 5

Apply the egg to the top of the box with double sided tape. To finish the box, you can add the handle, or leave it off. 

Photo 6 

Now for the fun stuff. Add the Easter grass. 

Adding grass

And the delicious candy and voila – you’re finished! It’s that easy.

Add candy paper basket 

Instructions for Silhouette SD/Cameo Users:
We will be using the Silhouette Cameo and the “Print and Cut” feature.

Print the basket with or without the egg already on it.  Make sure that you turn on the registration marks so that you will be able to cut it out after it is printed. 

Photo 7a 2

 Photo 7b cut silhouette

You will find an 8.5×11” document with 2 eggs on it which you can use if you’d like to print the sheet and have the silhouette cut them out or you can add the included .PNG egg to your template and print and cut just once. If you are cutting the box and then the images, you will simply add a piece of white card stock to your mat and cut the box out.

Photo 8 a 2

Photo 8b 1

Next you will cut the egg image out.  You can see that I added other images from the kit on the paper so that I wouldn’t waste any paper.

Photo 9 

Now on to the assembling. Fold at the dashed lines.

Photo 10 

Next add the double-sided tape and tape the box together.

 Photo 5

Apply the egg to both sides of the box. If you printed it with the egg already on the box, you will skip this step.

Photo 6 

To finish your Easter “Egg” basket, You can either apply the handle or leave it off. 

Now add the grass and the candy as shown above and you’re done.


Happy Easter & Happy Crafting!

xo Tanya


QUICK! Get crafting – it’s a Valentine’s Day SURPRISE! The amazing Pixelista created the cutest craft EVER and we’ve turned it into an editable template and a print-ready printable! Check out her super cute project and scroll to the bottom to download your template!

You’ve Got Mail! Love Letter Mailbox
By: Pixelista

Free printable mailbox template

Send a token of love and affection to that someone special this Valentine’s Day by making this nifty little mailbox to deliver your heartfelt sentiments! Stuff it with mini love notes or sweet treats to help make it an extra special day!


Wild Hearts Papers & Elements
Pixelista’s Mailbox Template
Adhesive Tape
Dimensional Adhesive Squares
Gems, Sequins etc.
Exacto Knife/scissors
Scoring Tool
Cutting Board/mat


1.Cut out, score all neccessary lines and apply double sided tape to marked areas on all mailbox pieces. 

2. Cut out the mail shoot window & door on the sides & top only. Apply some tape to the top edge and stick on the decorative “handle”.

Paper printable mailbox 2

3. Prepare the base of your mailbox by snipping the corners of the base square and then scoring around the perimeter. Add tape to the sides excluding the snipped corners. Fold up the sides to make a “shallow tray”. Set the base aside.

Paper printable mailbox 3

4. Take the first side of the mailbox and attach it to the mailbox front starting at the foot making sure to align the edges. Continue to work your way up the side around the curve of the top and then finishing with the back foot.

Paper printable mailbox 4

Repeat the above step 4 instruction with the remaining side of the mailbox, starting by aligning the front foot and working your way to the back.

5. Insert your mailbox base into the opening at the bottom. Align the base evenly on all 4 sides and press into place making sure to get adhesion from your tape. I used the mailbox door to gain access to the interior to help press the sides of the box to the base.

Paper printable mailbox 5

6. Embellish with Wild Hearts Elements, sequins, gemstones ribbons to adorn your mailbox.

Paper printable mailbox 6

Such a cute project and a fun thing to do with the kids tomorrow! Get the whole family to write love notes to one another and drop them into the box and read them all later in the day or fill with candy for a sweet surprise! HUGE thanks to the uber crafty Pixelista for this amazing template.

Printable mailbox template


Happy Crafting!
 Mm sig

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