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I scrapped! This month’s PMP Challenge Template was calling my name. I have been dying to scrap with it all month and finally had a chance this afternoon because I am a big fat procrastinator who left re-ordering her contact lenses until she was already wearing the VERY LAST pair which was a very bad idea. So now I am contact lens-less and since I can’t workout wearing glasses (I just can’t) and I literally can’t see a thing without my glasses, I had a little extra time this afternoon to get this done.

MissMint CrazyBirdsPMP69

This page is a tale of how I outwitted a pair of very determined but not so clever Mourning Doves who decided the mint plant in my balcony planter box was the ideal spot to build a nest. One morning they just appeared. One sat it’s big bird butt right in the middle my plant while the other went out looking for twigs. They compiled an impressive heap of twiggery in just one night but I didn’t want bird babies living on my balcony so when they left, I tossed the twigs and fluffed up my flattened plant.

By the next morning they’d returned and set up shop again. I tossed the twigs again and fluffed up my flattened plant. Undeterred, by the next morning they were back again with a new heap. I tossed and fluffed. They returned. Toss, fluff. Return. You get the picture. It was clear the birds were poised to persevere. I had no choice. I would have to outsmart them.

I swapped the planter box with the mint for an empty one four boxes down. I didn’t think it would work, after all birds are supposed to have some kind of crazy internal GPS system. How else do they get to Florida for the winter? The chances of moving the planter down 12 inches probably wouldn’t bamboozle them but it was worth a shot. As an act of bird kindness I placed all the twigs they had gathered into the empty planter so they could take them to build a new nest. I waited with anticipation.

They returned the next day right to the spot where the nest should have been. They looked down into the empty planter, looked directly at one another in confusion, down into the empty planter again and flew off never to return again.


Game. Set. Match.

And now that I’ve shared it’s your turn. The month is coming to a close and there’s just one week left to enter this month’s Pimp My Page Template Challenge for a chance to win a $5 gift card to the store.


Download the free template. Jazz it up any way you like. Add layers, take some away, rotate the entire template on it’s side. Anything goes! Just toss in your favourite mix of Peppermint Creative products and get to it.

If you’ve never played along before c’mon and give it a shot! Just upload your page by the last day of the month either in our website gallery OR to our Facebook Group to enter. Just add your layout to this album. If you are not yet a member of our Facebook Group just click the link above and click JOIN. Once you upload your page, if you comment on your own page it will then appear on the group’s wall and we can all leave you some love.

Check out some of the fab pages the Mint team has already created with this month’s template:

Page by: Stacey

Page by: Cherry Limeade

Page by: LeeAndra

Page by: iffybean

Page by: Kirstie

Page by: Keela

What do you say, are you ready to get started? Download the free template and get to it! I can’t wait to see what you create.

Well don’t just sit there…scrap something!

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Fmfcuv 500blog

It’s FRESH MINT FRIDAY! Oh what great goodies are in store this week. Read on to find out how you can get it all….the ENTIRE release (which includes a full coordinated kit, a pocket card kit and 16 brand new Templates) for $20 bucks!!

Feeling sleepy? This cute kit was featured last month at My Scrapbook Art. If you missed it, it’s debuting this week at Peppermint Creative with a brand spankin’ new coordinating LIP Pocket Card Kit. Perfect for all your sweetly sleepy AND sleep deprived moments.

ENJOY 20% off individually or $10 for BOTH

Kit goodnightsleeptight

Includes: 30 Cards and 25 Embellishments (aka Jazzers).


Are you LOVING it? I think this is one of favourite kits lately. Maybe it’s because the team really pulled out the big guns on this one. You are going to love their pages – such an inspiration! Feel free to pin your favourites to your Pinterest board so you can find them later when you’re ready to scrap.

Here’s your Mint-spiration from the team:

Page by: Stacey
Lalalandcopy zpsfb55e20d

Page by: missys3lilbugs

Page by: iffybean

Page by: missys3lilbugs
Missys3lilbugs 2

Page by: joelsgirl

Page by: Keela
12272002 TwinkleTwinkle zpsee673cb8

Page by: Scrappin2LilPrins
Sleep Tight PL

Page by: CherryLimeade
Cherry Limeade

Page by: shutterspeed
12548329345 f61b7456da z

Page by: Iffybean

Page by: LeeAndra

Project by: Scrappin’2Lil Prins
Scrappin 2 LilPrins

Project by: mj.johnston
Mj johnston

Page by: Keela

Feeling inspired and ready to scrap?
FANTASTIC! I’ve got just the thing to get you started:

Digital scrapbook templates

SO EXCITING! Our very own Mint Chick Iffy is turning her incredible layouts into templates just for us! I am so stoked to have her on board and to be able to share these amazing templates with you! You are DEFINITELY going to want to take these babies out for a spin. To celebrate Iffy’s exciting debut as our brand new designer (and in honour of her birthday – it’s today) we’ve decided to really kick things off with an absolutely CRAZY deal on her Introductory 4 Set Bundle.

Are you ready for this?


TEN BUCKS. Yup, just $10 for ALL 4 SETS. That’s 50% OFF!!


Sale Ends Thurs. Feb 27 2014 (midnight EST)

IffysTemplates Set01

IffysTemplates Set02

IffysTemplates Set03

IffysTemplates Set04

They are like delicious little candy layouts that make me want to scrap! I’m so excited about these. I think Iffy’s style is so fresh and different from other templates we’ve had before. They really will kick your layouts up a notch. Remember that templates are meant to be FLEXIBLE so always feel free to shift and adapt to suit your needs once you get started with them.

Check out these INCREDIBLE pages all created using Iffy’s new templates. 

CREATED USING: Iffy’s Digital Scrapbook Templates Set. 01

IT01 01


IT01 02



IT01 04


CREATED USING: Iffy’s Digital Scrapbook Templates Set. 02

IT02 02


IT02 03

IT02 04

CREATED USING: Iffy’s Digital Scrapbook Templates Set. 03

IT03 02

IT03 01

IT03 04


CREATED USING: Iffy’s Digital Scrapbook Templates Set. 04


IT S4  

As promised you can get it ALL for just $20 bucks (this week only) when you purchase the two bundle offers for $10 each. I really can’t wait to see what you craft up with both this new kit and Iffy’s amazing templates.

Loving the templates but not sure how to use them? Check back here over the weekend. I’m going to put together a really easy to follow tutorial and walk you through step-by-step. it’s really easy to do – you’re gonna love using them. :)

Happy scrapping,

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Chickpics BLOG 500px

Have you seen this? Last month I debuted Monthly Mint Chick Picks – a collection of featured digiscrap items selected just for you. Yes YOU. And the best part is that all Chick Picks are 40% off for the entire feature month. Gasp. It’s true! But wait it gets even better. Save 50% when you grab the whole bunch in the Chick Pick Bundle. How great is that?!

I’ve got a GREAT selection for you this month. Whether you want to document your love for your honey, your kiddos or PB & J, I’ve got you covered. The extras included (Messy Heart Stamps & Welded Words) mix well with all 3 feature kits as do the Alphas if you recolour them slightly.

Chickpicks feb2014

Once the month is over, while the products will remain in store (at regular price) the bundles will be gone for good. So if you’re eyeing it don’t miss your chance. It’s a great time to add to your scrapping stash and get a great deal.

What can you do with this amazing selection of goodies? Here’s a peek at a few amazing Mint-spirational pages created using this month’s Chick Picks!

Kit: PB&J | Layout by: iffybean

Kit: PB&J | Layout by: shutterspeed
We go together like PB J

Kit: PB&J | Layout by: Stacey
Bunchofnutscopy zpsb254ded0

Kit: PB&J | Layout by: missys3lilbugs

Kit: He Loves | Layout by: Keela

Kit: He Loves | Layout by: scrappieirene

Kit: He Loves | Layout by: missys3lilbugs

Kit: He Loves | Layout by: ingridfasquelle

Kit: He Loves | Layout by: glurmirk

Kit: Candy Kisses | Layout by: MissMint

Kit: Candy Kisses | Layout by: ingridfasquelle

Kit: Candy Kisses | Project by: Gabby

Kit: Candy Kisses | Layout by: joscie

Feeling inspired? I hope so! Looking back through the gallery is one of my all time favourite thing to do. It totally re-inspires me and makes me want to stop what I’m doing and design more stuff! Remember these featured kits are 40% off all month long (yippee!). If you don’t have these products in your scrapping stash this is an amazing time to grab them at a great price. If you’ve got your eye on the whole kit & caboodle you can enjoy the entire month’s set of picks for 50% off!

Happy Scrapping!

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Two amazing scrappers have just won a $5 gift card to the store.

How’d they do it? By scrapping and posting.

Yep, it really is that easy and you could win too!

Congrats to:
luan37 - Pimp My Page Template Challenge Winner (December)


rjcjme – Gallery Posting Prize (December)


Fantastic pages ladies! They are both wonderful. Thanks so much for using Peppermint Creative products to document your memories and for sharing your amazing pages with all of us.

Now that it’s the start of a new month you’ve got 2 new chances to win just by scrapping and sharing.


Join us this month for the January Pimp My Page Challenge. Download the free template.  Jazz it up any way you like. Add layers, take some away, rotate the entire template on it’s side. Anything goes! Just toss in your favourite mix of Peppermint Creative products and get to it.


If you’ve never played along with us before – it’s EASY and everyone is welcome. Post your page by the last day of the month either in the forum/gallery OR in our new Facebook Group to enter -  just add your layout to the Pimp My Page January Album if you are entering on Facebook.

Here’s the page I did using this month’s template. Still FROSTY here in Toronto. -17 today WITHOUT the wind chill. Yikes. For my page I pulled out the big snowflakes and a paper layer here and there to go a little more minimalistic. Don’t hesitate to change it up to suit your page or your taste. The templates are meant to jumpstart your creative process and be a guide not a rule.

Frosty | by: MissMint

PC PMP68 frosty

If you get stuck or have any questions just shoot me an email or comment on this post. One lucky scrapper will be crowned the winner and she will get a $5 gift card to the Peppermint Creative store so don’t just sit there – come play along.

Template Newbie? Here’s a tutorial showing how to digital scrapbook templates in PS/PSE

Templates not your thing? That’s ok, you can also win just by sharing any Minty pages in the gallery or in our Facebook Group.

BONUS! More ways to win.


I love (LOVE) to see the amazing pages you create using Peppermint Creative products so don’t be shy! Stay warm and toasty if you’re getting hit by this freeze-a-thon and have a wonderful day.

Happy scrapping!

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It’s not too late to jump into the December Pimp My Page Challenge.

Download the free template. Jazz it up any way you like. Add layers, take some away, rotate the entire template on it’s side. Anything goes! Just toss in your favourite mix of Peppermint Creative products and get to it.


If you’ve never played along with us before – it’s EASY!  Give it a try. Be sure to post your page by the last day of the month either in the gallery OR in our new Facebook Group. Just add your layout to the Pimp My Page December Album.

If you get stuck just shoot me an email. One lucky scrapper will be crowned the winner and she will get a $5 gift card to the Peppermint Creative store so don’t just sit there – come play along. I’m floored by the amazing pages I’ve seen so far! I just LOVE see how many different pages can be made using the same template. It’s fun to see! Check them out below for your Mint-spiration and then post your own!

Page by: luan37

1463875 10152097938996215 278491215 n

Page by: Stacey

1452134 10151722710582391 610778227 n

Page by: ksbella

Ohthehorror copy

Page by: KirstieGai


Page by: Trace

1467410 10152029410990255 1879623883 n

Happy Scrapping!

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Springsale blog

Easter is almost here! Time to get crafting. I’m getting some AMAZING (if I do say so myself….and I do) new Easter designs ready for you but I before I debut this years kit I thought we could take a stroll down memory lane and take a peek at some amazing (no, seriously these are amazing) layouts and crafts that the team created to get your Easter scrapping mojo in gear. If you missed out on any of these kits they (along with a ton of other kits, elements and printables) are 30% off now until Sat. Mar. 30 2013 (midnight EST).

Easter kits are so much fun to design. Maybe it’s because I’m Jewish and it’s all a big novelty to me…or maybe it’s just because everyone loves jellybeans and bunny rabbits.  This kit has a lot of general spring themed papers and elements as well so you can use it for more than just your Easter memories and personally I have become very fond of the super tall alphabet set in this kit. I even made it in a few more colours but I have been using them so much lately I’m starting to think it might be time for even more colours!

Kit easterblossom

As I was snooping through the gallery over the weekend I pulled a pile of Easter pages for your viewing pleasure. Click to view in gallery with full credits. The pages below were all created using mostly the Easter Blossom kit (above).

Page by: ksbella
Easter copy

Page by: Joscie

Page by: missys3lilbugs
MissMint EasterBlossom Paper vintagezig

Page by: Tasha
MM EasterBlossom 01

Page by: Keela
4 8 2012 SundayFunDay

Page by: amandascraps

Page by: glumirk

Page by: ingridfasquelle
IFasquelle First Easter

Page by: missys3lilbugs

Page by: glumirk

Another of my FAVE Easter kits has to be Hoppy Easter. This might go down in Peppermint Creative history as one of my all time faves and you can grab it right now for 30% off. Not to shabby.

Paper hoppyeaster

Elements hoppyeaster

Here are some of my all time fave layouts using this kit. Click to view in gallery with full credits.

Page by: missys3lilbugs
Roastingpeeps copy

Page by: LeeAndra
Eggs sm

Page by: Keela
4 24 2011 EggsPantagraphPhoto

Project by: mj.johnston (Tutorial Here)
PC Bunny Shadowbox

Page by: Juno
Eastertradition forweb

Project by: MissMint

Page by: shutterspeed
Easter treats

Page by: zachandavasmom
2011 04 08 12 x 12 upload april 2010 for PC

Page by: Stacey
Bunnymeeting zps0d46a5fe

Card by: amandascraps
Card5 copy

Page by: iScrap
Missmint hoppyeaster

Page by: KirstieGai

Page by: ksbella
Easter2011 copy

But alas, not everyone celebrates Easter and perhaps some of you are already planning your spring gardens in which case you might enjoy the Spring Garden kit (another fave of mine).

Kit springgarden

Here are some fab pages using the Spring Garden kit.

Page by: KirstieGai

Card by: mj. johnston

Page by: Melody

Page by: Juno

Page by: Mommy2Talesia

Page by: KirstieGai

Page by: glumirk

All the kits featured above (and a whole bunch more) are 30% off now until Sat. Mar. 30 2013 (midnight EST).
Happy shopping and happy scrapping! xo

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