Happy Thursday my Minty friends! Here’s your official sneak peek at what’s coming this week for Fresh Mint Friday and I am SO EXCITED! Hooray for a new kit for all my neglected non-pocket scrappers. I realized I LOVE designing fall kits. This one was meant to be a teenie weenie mini but it exploded into a collection of yummy fall goodness and one lucky winner will get it all FREE!

TO ENTER: Post a comment below and let me know what fun fall activity you have planned this year. Contest closes tonight 010/08/15 at midnight EST. ONE ENTRY PER PERSON. Check back Friday for the winner announcement and to find these great items in store and on sale.

Good luck and happy scrapping,

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Happy Mint-spirational Monday!
It’s time for your weekly dose of Mint-spiration. This week I’m feeling super creative and motivated to design piles and piles of new Minty shiz-net so I’m going with a quote that touches on creativity.

And fear.

Cause that’s a biggie.

PeppermintCreative mintspiration pocket card quote08

FEAR. Blech. We all have it. It’s that pesky thing that holds us back from doing/saying/trying most things in life we know we should, could and want to. And most of the time those fears are complete horse poop existing only in our own minds, fuelled by our own insecurities and self-doubt.

Well, enough of that nonsense.

Free pocket card project life download

This week I challenge you to do ONE THING that scares you. It can be small. It can be big. Pick one thing. Post here and let me know what you choose. Whether it’s tackling a project you’ve been putting off, applying for a new job, signing up for that class, telling off your jerk of a neighbour to stop leaving his trash on your lawn. Whatever it is…DO IT.

Download this week’s pocket card and as they say “Feel the fear and do it anyway!”

C’mon. You can do it.

Mintspiration LIP downloadbutton

Kick fear in the face with your rock star boots,

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Happy Mint-spirational Monday!
It’s time for your weekly dose of Mint-spiration to kick start your day on a positive note and get your thoughts spinning in the right direction for the rest of the week.

PeppermintCreative mintspiration pocket card quote06

I’m feeling extra refreshed and Mint-spired and ready to rock this week because was so fortunate to spend the weekend sitting here:

2015 09 26 17 10 48

A friend gifted my friend and I her cottage for the weekend and despite accidentally locking ourselves out TWICE and almost having to sleep outside, we had a great time and a few wild adventures and I do love me a good adventure.

2015 09 26 15 43 13

Even though I was only gone just over 24 hrs. the change of routine and scenery alone did wonders to refresh and revitalize me, to clear my mind and to prepare me for the week ahead. Lesson learned…again (as I’m pretty sure I’ve learned this lesson a few times before but I seem to keep forgetting). I will be trying ensure that I take time to disconnect and refresh more often. I encourage you to try and do the same.

If you haven’t been following along (for shame Minty Fan, for shame), every Monday I’m posting a fun quote and a free printable pocket card of the same design in 3 sizes (3×4”, 4×4”, 4×6”) for your mint-aspiration and your pocket scrapping pleasure.

This week it’s all about choices and the power you have to change your reality.

Loving people live in a loving world.
Hostile people live in a hostile world.
Same world.”

– Wayne Dyer

We choose what we think and in doing so, choose how we perceive the world around us.

So today we are going to choose JOY.

Are you down with the plan?

Free pocket card project life printable

Scrapping aside, this week’s card is also a perfect daily affirmation and it’s the one I’ll be using this week. Print it out, stick it on your bathroom mirror, in your car or on your front door so it’s the last thing you see before you leave the house and read it every morning. Say it out loud. Twice!

Free pocket card project life inspiration

Mintspiration LIP downloadbutton7

I hope you have a wonderful week. Head back here to the blog next week for your next card!

Happy Monday,

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It’s Mint-spirational Monday!

Every Monday I’m posting a brand new Mint-spirational quote that you can pin and a matching FREE printable pocket card in 3 sizes (3×4”, 4×4”, 4×6”) for your pocket scrapping pleasure.

PeppermintCreative mintspiration pocket card quote05

This week’s quote comes from one of my favorite movies of all time – The Wizard of Oz. This quote really jumped out at me this week. It’s such a good one! It’s already framed on my desk.

I think we’ve all seen the Wizard of Oz more than a few times. You know the story: Dorothy sets off on a daunting journey down the Yellow Brick Road in search of the ‘Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz’ who she’s been promised, has the magical powers to get her back to her home in Kansas. Along the way she encounters new friends, new experiences, big setbacks and some seriously scary shit (ahhh flying monkeys, wicked witches and getting rophied by poppies). But she doesn’t give up. With her new friends in tow, she just keeps going. When she finally finds the wizard she discovers he’s not so great and powerful after all. Hello disappointment. It’s all just an illusion. He’s a just a dude with a hot air balloon. As it turns out the balloon could have taken her home but Dorothy misses her chance to board and it takes off with out her.

Just then Glinda the Good Witch appears and tells Dorothy that she always had the power within herself to get home. She couldn’t tell her before because Dorothy wouldn’t have believed it. She had to go though the journey. She clicks her heels together and repeats that iconic phrase. You know the one.

Free pocket card powerful 500px

There are so many ways to interpret this iconic story. It’s such a perfect analogy for the journey of self-discovery. Much like Dorothy, along the way you’ll encounter new friends, new experiences, big set backs, some seriously scary shit (hopefully no actual witches, flying monkeys or drug-induced comas for you) and more than a few disappointments. It’s all part of the journey. I could go on forever but I’ll spare you and just leave you with this: 

Whatever you desire, whatever you want to create in your life, you have the power to make it happen. Just believe it and go out and do it. There is no need to search for a ‘wizard’ with answers.

You have already have them. You have no idea how powerful you really are.
It’s actually pretty amazing. 

Mintspiration LIP downloadbutton5 

Check back next Monday for the next free card and until then,


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It’s Mint-spirational Monday!
I don’t know about you, but I am feeling PUMPED! It’s going to be a great day and an even better week full of productivity, creativity, abundance and whole lot of fun and unexpected adventures for all of us. Can you feel it?


Make a fist, punch through the imaginary crap cloud floating above your head and shout:


PeppermintCreative mintspiration pocket card quote07

So, I have a confession: I would be the Royal Queen President of ‘Negative City’ if there was one. I’ve pretty much mastered the art of negative thinking. I think I’ve been practicing regularly since childhood. So I’m pretty amazing at it now. The crazy part is I had no idea. I never considered myself to be a negative person but when I started consciously paying attention to what was going on up there in my Minty noggin, I was horrified to find my brain running on an infinite loop of self-deprecation and ‘whoa is me’ thinking.

Well no wonder that damn glass always looks half empty.

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.” – James Allen

Free pocket card awesome

They say the universe brings you what you are ready to receive. After a seemingly chance introduction to an Ontological Life Coach who was way too attractive to ignore (oh universe, you know me so well) I started doing some intensive work on myself through coaching, meditation and some other really cool eye-opening stuff over the summer. It’s been such an amazing and exciting journey thus far (I still have a ways to go) and one that I hope I can start sharing with you because it’s been so helpful for me in changing these patterns of negative thought, finding balance in my life, and in realizing just how powerful I am in creating my own reality. We all have the power within ourselves to create, to have and to be anything we want. We just have to learn how to get out of our own way and harness our awesomeness. That’s what I’m working on – and it ain’t easy.

But that’s what inspired this little project of posting a Mint-spirational quote every week that you can pin or download the free printable pocket card below. Print them out each week and pass them on. Or better yet, stick one on your bathroom mirror and let that be your affirmation for the week. Read it every morning. Twice!

Mintspiration LIP downloadbutton5 

Get your week started on the right foot. Kick some ass and take no prisoners because you are amazing and you can do it. Whatever it is you need to conquer today, put on your ass kicking pants and go get ‘em – YOU GOT THIS.

Check back next week for the next free card and until then,

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Cc ad coupon 500

New Commercial Cuttables are in the house and I could not be MORE excited! I am bouncing up and down over here because I am just dying over this week’s release – more than 30 new packs of Halloween and Fall designs that are so creative and so cute you may have a hard time picking and choosing. I was absolutely floored when I saw them.

So who’s designing up all this fab-u-loss-ity?

Meet Megan Hardy – our new Commercial Cuttables designer.


Megan is a talented designer for Silhouette and Sizzix and I am so thrilled to welcome her and her AMAZEBALLS designs to Peppermint Creative. She’s not only creative but she’s also so incredibly sweet and so much fun! Her excitement and enthusiasm for designing is totally contagious and I think that shows through her designs.

Originally from Chicago and Wisconsin, Megan now lives in Texas with her husband, a Flame Point Siamese and a black Labrador Retriever with a flair for epic photo bombs. She’s worked in advertising, TV, radio, and has designed everything from posters, t-shirts, event programs, banners, postcards, invitations and more. When she’s not designing, Megan is a total warrior! She enjoys skeet shooting, golf, and is an active sabre fencer. How cool is that?

Check out this week’s newest releases here. There are SO many (more than 30) that I’m not going to post them all here, just a peak at some of my faves. See the rest here.

Halloween Monogram Frames Vector Graphic for Vinyl Cutting

PC MHardy COMM hallomonograms2

PC MHardy COMM spiderwebmonos

PC MHardy COMM batboygirlmono

PC MHardy COMM batmonograms

PC MHardy COMM candymonograms

PC MHardy COMM catmonograms

PC MHardy COMM hauntedhousetitle


PC MHardy COMM bewaremonsters

PC MHardy COMM welcomecandy

PC MHardy COMM witchesgather

PC MHardy COMM catapothecary

PC MHardy COMM greatpumpkin

Fall/Autumn Monogram Frames Vector Graphic for Vinyl Cutting

PC MHardy COMM chestnutmonograms

PC MHardy COMM leafmonograms

PC MHardy COMM applemongrams

PC MHardy COMM pumpkinmonograms

With the inspiring new rush of amazing vectors I was inspired to create a few myself. These fun “House Rules” graphics would be great as giant wall art or even printed on a canvas for you home!

Bathroom Rules Vector Graphic Vinyl Wall Art

PC MM COMM bathroomrules

House Rules Vector Graphic Vinyl Wall Art

PC MM COMM houserules

Laundry Rules Vector Graphic Vinyl Wall Art

PC MM COMM landry

Man Cave Rules Vector Graphic Vinyl Wall Art

PC MM COMM mancaverules

Are you dying with excitement?  If you’re a professional crafter, these graphics will definitely give your business a boost through the busiest 3 months of the year. Plus the monogram frames will give your customers a chance to create stunning custom gifts.

Shop now and save 20% off all new releases through the weekend until Monday September 14 2015 (midnight EST).

Happy Crafting,

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