Happy Mint-spirational Monday

The goal of the week is one you’ve definitely heard before; Don’t sweat the small stuff.

PeppermintCreative mintspiration pocket card quote022

We’ve all heard it. But have you ever tried to practice it?

We all have days when everyone and everything annoys the piss out of us.

Can that girl stop yapping on her phone right in my ear?
Can this guy drive any slower?
Helloooooo distracted waiter can you take my order this century?

[INSERT frustrated sigh].

Feeling chronically stressed and frustrated is so toxic for our bodies, minds and souls. It makes us more susceptible to a pile of health issues and not so fun to be around. So your mission this week is to pay attention to how you react to life’s little frustrations. If and when you feel yourself getting annoyed, grinding your teeth, tensing up, silently seething or getting ready to lash out…STOP.

Take a really deep breath in.

Put the moment in perspective.

Is it really going to matter in a day, a week, a year?

Breathe it out and let it go.

Cest la vie web

Let this card serve as your reminder this week not to sweat the small stuff. BIG PICTURE, it’s probably not worth getting upset over and the only one who’s going to suffer is you. 

In the words of Frank Constanza, SERENITY NOW!

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Happy Mint-spirational Monday

It’s funny. I have an extensive list of quotes that I’ve collected for Mint Monday but I never know which one I’m going to post because every week a certain one just feels ‘right’. I was planning to post something else but when I woke up this morning, this one just felt like ‘the one’.

PeppermintCreative mintspiration pocket card quote025

Take a moment. Read it.

Breathe. Soak it in.

Now REALLY read it.

Free pocket card i am enough 500

Ok, now BELIEVE it.

I think most of us can attest to engaging in a secret war with our inner critic – the one that just loooooves to remind us that we just aren’t good enough. I’ve named my evil inner voice the demon cloud. Because kind of what it feels like. This gloomy fog that starts drifting over my head. Kind of like an Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh situation. I frequently find myself thinking that I could have done more, been more, tried harder, done better. I often re-play events and interactions over and over in my mind to pin-point exactly where I feel I’ve fallen short. But why? Why am I creating this insane self-inflicted torture?

Who does that?

Well I think…..we all do. Some more than others. 

In the last year I’ve been working on stoping this kind of harmful thinking. It is not easy but I’m making progress. I’ve begun to catch the demon cloud as it creeps into my head. I say “oh hey demon cloud, thanks for visiting now shut the f*ck up”, and shift my thinking from ‘did I do enough’ to ‘did I do my best?’

At the end of the day ‘your best’ is all you can do.

And darling, YOUR BEST is more than enough.

This week I’d like you to give a name to your ‘demon cloud’ and when it creeps up on you, thank it for showing up and then tell it to piss off. 

And remember.


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Want more printable pocket cards? Check out my entire collection of cards + card kits here.

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Visionboard what to do with 2016

How to Get the Most Out of Your New Vision Board:

Your vision board is complete and it looks amazing.

Now what?

1. Look, look and look some more.
The most important part of having a vision board is that you actually look at it. A LOT. Put it somewhere you will see it often. Make a point of looking at it without distractions for a few minutes periodically throughout the day especially in the morning and before bed. You can prop it up on your desk, hang it on the wall, put it on your dresser, and if you went digital you can shrink it down a bit and put it on your fridge – heck make multiple copies and tape one to the bathroom mirror.

2. See, sense and feel it.
Visualization is the key. Think of how pro-athletes train, many utilize the power of visualization. So when you look at your board imagine that already have everything you see. Let the details fill your mind and really try to FEEL what it’s like to live that life, have these things and achieve these goals you’ve set out. Think about how grateful you feel for these blessings. Believe that every single thing on your vision board is already on it’s way to you right now.

3. Hold on to the feeling.
Carry this feeling of knowing – the certainty that the things you desire will come to you at the right time. Carry the feeling of happiness with you on a daily basis and watch as your reality slowly transforms to match your dreams. 

4. Wait, watch and jump.
Be patient. Keep your eyes open to unexpected opportunities that will begin to present themselves and find the courage and faith to jump and take advantage. If your eyes are open wide you will see them. Don’t let them pass you by as they may not present themselves exactly as you expect.

Join the chat over in the Get Minty Facebook Group. Share your stories, your goals and your progress. I look forward to sharing with you!

Go get ‘em,

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Visionboard how to

It was recommended to me by the coach I’m working with that I make a vision board. I rolled my eyes at the suggestion. I don’t have time for 5th grade nonsense I thought. But I made a commitment to myself to follow his suggestions so I accepted the challenge and did a little fishing online. I started reading articles and watching videos about the power of vision boards from the likes of Oprah, Steve Harvey, Ellen Degeneres, Katy Perry, Beyonce and a ton of other wildly successful people.

Hmm, I can’t argue with Oprah. Or Beyonce for that matter.

So with the start of a new year it’s the absolute perfect time to start this project.

Vision board 2016 here I come!

Best of all, I thought it would be fun if we all did it together and share and discuss our goals and progress in the Minty Facebook Group.

Who’s with me?


First things first….

What the heck is a vision board?
A vision board is a tool used to help you clarify and maintain focus on specific life goals. Essentially it’s any sort of board used to display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life. It’s that simple.

What’s the point?
The process of creating a board forces you to sit down and think about what your dreams and goals are. Once you’ve got that figured out, it helps keep your attention focused on those goals and inspires you to keep going in pursuit of them. The board and acts as a powerful visualization tool to help manifest the things you want.

How does it work?
Because your mind responds strongly to visual stimulation, by representing your goals with pictures you strengthen and stimulate your emotions which are the vibrational energy that activates the Law of Attraction. Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do. When we visualize, we are emitting a powerful frequency into the universe. Think of it as a map of your future that will inspire you on a daily basis to create a vibrational match for the future you desire.

Wait. That sounds like a heap of bull-doody.
I hear ya sister. Let’s get real. It’s not a magic board. Creating a vision board alone isn’t going to magically make your dreams come true. You won’t wake up in a Malibu beach house on pile on money to find a new car in your driveway and Chris Hemsworth in your bed just because you slapped pictures of these things on a board…unfortunately. Believe me, I tested this out, y’know just to be sure. Things are not going to magically manifest. This is not a substitute for hard work. But it is a really helpful tool to help you stay focused, work hard and be open to the opportunities will begin to present themselves to you. It will be up to grab them and run.

The BIG SECRET to making it work.
It’s simple: Your board should focus on more how you want to FEEL and who you want to be, not solely on the material things you want to have. Find pictures that represent or symbolize the experiences, feelings, and possessions you want to attract into your life. It should include images that resonate with you personally, not what you think you should want, what anyone expects of you or the typical generic crap that society tells us we should want like the perfect body, a model husband, a luxury car. SNOOZE. Dig deeper. Look for the images that make feel something strong emotionally. The ones that make you ‘oooooh’ and ‘awwww’. You need images that power you up and create a positive energy that you feel in every cell of your body because this will raise your vibration and help you attract these experiences and feelings into your life. You can include material objects but choose pictures that really make you feel something.

Trust process

Get Prepped.
Before you start do a little visualizing first. Think about how you want to live your life, who you want to live it with, what you want to have, and all of the things you want to accomplish. Write it down. Create a list of what matters to you. Don’t be afraid to dream BIG!

Ready, Get Set, HERE WE GO.

STEP 1: Gather a bunch of magazines, flyers and catalogues. You can print images you find online or even incorporate some photos you’ve taken.

*If you want to go 100% digital with this one and create a collage in Photoshop absolutely you can. Just be sure to print out your final result!

Visionboard 001

STEP 2: Get ready to cut and paste. Get a pair of scissors and some glue or Modge Podge and a brush.

Visionboard 003

STEP 3: Get a board. You can use a wrapped canvas, bristol board, a board book, a sheet of foam core – whatever you like. I’m using an sheet of foam core that I scored down the middle so that it folds in half.

Visionboard 001i

STEP 4: Go through magazines and cut out anything that speaks to you. Rip out any images of things you want, like, or just give you a good feeling. Cut up words, images, phases. Whatever. Don’t overthink it you will go through it all and decide what to use or toss later. Just cut, cut, cut. You can even print out images you find online.

*If you’re doing it digitally, create a new folder called VISION BOARD 2016 on your computer and save any images you find online in there OR start with a Pinterest board as a place to start collecting images from which you will later make a final selection.

Visionboard 007

STEP 5: Find your cat a hobby. Otherwise she will mistake your vision board for her own personal playground.

Visionboard 006

Visionboard 005

OPTIONAL STEP 6: Use this as an opportunity to master cat portraiture.

Visionboard 00129

STEP 7: EDIT. Take a look at the images you cut up and decide what you want to put onto the board.  Don’t get hung up on creating the “perfect” vision board. There’s no right or wrong way of doing this but try to avoid creating a very cluttered or chaotic board, you don’t want to attract chaos into your life. Try and focus it a bit. You can make it like a collage or do something very orderly – whatever feels right to you.

STEP 8: Assemble.

Board process

I’m still working on mine so let’s do this together! Head on over the Get Minty Facebook Group and let’s discuss.

If you’re looking for Vision Board examples just do a quick GOOGLE SEARCH and you will find thousands.

Be creative. Include anything that speaks to you. Photos, words, memorabilia etc. Consider including a picture of yourself in your board. If you do, choose one that makes you feel good when you look at it and remember to have fun and enjoy the process.

I’ll be back with a follow up post with the final step – what to do with it once it’s created.

2016 is going to be your year.

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Happy Mint-spirational Monday Friends!

It’s a brand new week and I’ve got another Mint-tastic card for you but before I share let’s chat for minute.

Did last week’s card offend you?

If so, GOOD.
Here’s why…

Last week’s Mint-spirational card caused a bit of a stir in one of the Facebook Groups I shared it in. One woman in particular who struggles with depression took great offence to the sentiment expressed in last week’s nugget of Mint-spiration.

PeppermintCreative mintspiration pocket card quote021

While I hate to think that I upset anyone, the beautiful thing was that her negative comment opened up a beautiful and very honest dialogue within the group about the struggles of depression. What she doesn’t know is that it is my own struggles with anxiety and depression that were the inspiration behind starting this weekly Mint-spirational Card project in the first place. It comes from a place of love and compassion. This saying (which I did not write) made me laugh out loud…and snort a little. It’s a comical, light hearted reminder that we always have a choice (even when it doesn’t feel like it) to try and look at the bright side. Positivity breeds positivity. Negativity attracts more negativity.

So why am I posting this?

Because I’m certain that a lot of you can relate.

In the past few months a surprising number of my digiscrapping friends have shared with me their struggles with depression, anxiety and self-sabotaging behavior. Interestingly, studies have proven that highly creative people are far more susceptible to mental health issues. Probably because we are all highly intelligent, extra sensitive, super amazing people who have a tendency to be quite introspective.

So let’s talk.

The discussion has started in our Get Minty Facebook Group and it’s been so amazing and liberating and supportive. Your posts are private within the group so if you’re comfortable to share it’s a safe place to do so. I’d love to hear more about your story or what you may be struggling with. Feel free to share tools/books/resources you’ve found that helpful. I’m looking at putting together some scrapbooking projects to support us all in a journey to wellness and self-love.

You are all wonderful and beautiful and worthy of good things.

And with that, here’s your happy thought for the week:

PeppermintCreative mintspiration pocket card quote024

Stop what you’re doing for half a second. Take a long slow breath in through your nose and on the exhale, push out all those negative thoughts and tension you might be feeling.


Now go rock the shit out this week.

Free pocket card miserable beyou

Mintspiration LIP downloadbutton9

Oh and don’t forget to smile as much as you can.


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Happy Mint-spirational Monday

PeppermintCreative mintspiration pocket card quote021

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory…

Free pocket card miserable cow

…and I hope it made you smile.

Now let’s make it another great week, shall we?

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Want more printable pocket cards?
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