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Happy January crafty friends!

The start of a new year brings a fresh start but can also bring a ton of pressure to make wild, unattainable resolutions that we’ve likely already failed to keep.

So how’s about we all stop resolving to change ourselves and pledge to start lovin’ ourselves just the wacky way we are. Now that would be a giant leap in the right direction, right?

So this year I say NO to resolutions.

This year my only ‘resolution’, if you can call it that, is to continue practicing self-love and self-acceptance; something that should come so naturally but seems so difficult for so many of us to fully attain.

This year, I will continue to try my best, to forgive myself when I’m at my worst, to follow my intuition (even when I don’t understand it) and to continue to work on this whole self love thing.

And on that note, I am delighted to treat you to a NO RESOLUTION pocket card collection designed in black in white to make it easy for you to mix in with whichever kits or cards you choose.

A closer look:



Screen Shot 2017 01 19 at 1 08 24 PM

Wishing you a brilliant and self-loving start to 2017.

Happy scrapping,

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Want more pocket cards? Check out the collection here.

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