Turn an ordinary deck of cards into a thoughtful, custom gift for Dad!

Father’s Day is almost here but there is still plenty of time to craft up something special and straight from the heart.

This super cute craft is easy to make and will mean so much. This little project continues to be a customer favorite so I’m delighted to tell you that I finally updated the Dad version below with a reformatted version that now includes an editable PDF format for those without special software.


Just add your own text, print, cut and assemble onto an old deck of cards. Includes an easy to use editable print-ready PDF templates that you can easily edit using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

If you don’t have Acrobat Reader you can download it free here. Note: Photos cannot be added and font cannot be changed from basic Arial when using this version.


Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Paint Shop Pro Users: Files are included individually and pre-assembled for you on a print-ready 8.5×11″ sheet in 3 different formats – yep! that’s right, it’s easier than ever to customize and print. You can add text, change fonts and add photos!

Don’t have Photoshop but have other photo editing software like My MemoriesSuite, Craft Artist, Panstoria or Storybook Creator? Perfect! Blank JPG & PNG files are also included for you to add your own text. These are suitable for those with programs that allow you to add text to a blank graphic image. A graphics software/scrapbook software program is needed to make use of the .PNG files which are the photo inserts.

Includes alternate title pages:

  • 52 Things I/we Love About You
  • 52 Things I/we Love About You Dad
  • 52 Reasons I’m/we’re Lucky to have a Dad Like You


Size of Cards Required:
Sized to fit NARROW deck of playing cards sized: 2.25″×3.5″ inches.
Playing cards & font shown not included.



Check out this awesome tutorial for instructions (complete with pictures) on how to put your deck of cards album together.


And finally…with Father’s Day being only a few days away I thought I’d help you with your list of 52 things. Here are some ideas for kids (and grown-ups) of all ages to get you going. Customize as needed and of course add your own. Hope this helps! :) The more specific and personal you can make your list, the better.

1. tells great bedtime stories
2. honest to a fault
3. intelligent
4. helps with homework
5. supportive
6. hard-working
7. can count on him for anything
8. generous
9. kills the creepy bugs
10. good listener
11. makes the best burgers/eggs/pancakes etc.
12. taught me how to play poker/chess/tennis etc.
13. tells funny jokes
14. can fix just about anything
15. makes me laugh
16. hard-working and dedicated
17. taught me important life lessons
18. takes care of me
19. does my taxes/helps with finances
20. plays soccer/tag/board games with me
21. he is my cheerleader
22. he likes to sing
23. he pushes me to do better
24. he always believes in me
25. he showed me how to be a good father/parent
26. he always puts his family first
27. he always puts the toilet seat down
28. he won’t eat anything that is green (or some other weird quirk)
29. kind to people
30. always helps me when I need it
31. pick me/drive me to dance/soccer/school etc.
32. never blame your farts on others
33. make the world’s best BBQ
34. always call to check up on me
35. take me to fun places zoo/museum/camping
36. like to sing even though you’re terrible
37. smartest person I know
38. taught me to ride a bike
39. comes to every dance recital/football game/school function
40. proud of me
41. influenced my life in a major way
42. taught me how to love by example
43. taught me how to change oil/fix flat
44. taught me how to drive a car
45. love me for who I am
46. he’s my best friend
47. he is the (insert name of game/sport) master
48. he calls me (nickname)
49. he takes me to (restaurant/special place) to get a special treat
50. he knows everything about everything
51. he tucks me in at night
52. he lets me help him do projects/fix things

Happy Crafting!

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