Photoshop digiscrap how to load files stack

I’ve got a great time-saving tip that’s going to speed up your scrapping and make using your digital alphabet sets a little more fun.

Stop dragging your letters onto your layouts one at a time.

Because that’s just a silly waste of time.

You have much more important stuff to do.

Like pin all the stuff you totally want to make but probably never will on Pinterest.

That’s why you’ve got to let Photoshop do the work for you. I’m going to show you how to load multiple files into a stack. Meaning, Photoshop will open all your selected files and ‘plop’ (probably not the official terminology) them all onto one document for you. And the best part is, it’s SO easy. If you open your letters one file at a time and/or drag each letter onto your layout one at a time than pay attention – this is for you. I use this trick anytime I need more than a few files open. It comes in handy when scrapping a page (I will open all the papers and elements I think I’m going to use to get started) and I never create a product preview without it, but for the purpose of this little tutorial I will demonstrate with alphas as this is probably how you’ll use it most.

This only works when selecting multiple files so if you happen to have an alphabet set that has been saved a single document this will not work. All Peppermint Creative alphabet sets are saved as individual files. When you download any of our alphabets you will get a folder that looks something like this:

Digital scrapbook tutorial stack1

Each letter is saved as it’s own file. Now let’s get those letters onto our page:


Digital scrapbook tutorial stack2

And POW. You get the magical box.

STEP 2: Click BROWSE and go find the alphabet set you want to use.

Digital scrapbook tutorial stack3

I’m going to use the Biggiebets Alphabet (in blueberry) because it’s awesome and because its biggie so it beat out all the all the other smaller alphabet sets for the privilege of appearing in this tutorial.

STEP 3: Figure out what you are trying to spell (always a good place to start) and select ALL the letters you will need. Hold down the SHIFT KEY to select multiple files.

Digital scrapbook tutorial stack4

STEP 4: When you’ve got them all selected, click OPEN. You will see this nice little dialogue box (below) listing all the files you’ve selected.Click OK.

Digital scrapbook tutorial stack5

Now here’s the fun part. Sit back and watch your computer do all the work. DO NOT FREAK OUT when all the windows start flipping and flashing. That’s what’s supposed to happen. Your computer is not possessed by demons. It will stop. If your computer is slow or you are opening a LOT of files, go make a quick snack.

Photoshop is going to open up all the files you selected and dump them in a stack onto a single new document. See that mess of blue letters on the left? That’s what happens. You can see in the Layers Palette on the right that all the selected files are there; each on it’s own layer.

STEP 5: Now select them all by clicking the very top layer and then the last layer while holding the SHIFT key. This will select everything in-between as well. Use your mouse to drag them all onto your layout.

Digital scrapbook tutorial stack6

Another added benefit: You’ll notice your files will now retain their file names (i.e. MissMint_W) when dragged onto your layout which makes them a heck of a lot easier to find. When you open your files one by one and drag your layers automatically get labeled as Layer 1, Layer 2 which could not be less helpful.

STEP 6: Arrange your letters on your page. You can right click any letter to select it. Use your mouse to move them how you like.

Digital scrapbook tutorial stack7

Tossing in a bonus tip:  See all those funky little images of lines and boxes at the top of your screen in your toolbar? Those are your alignment tools. Get to know them. They are your friends. Clicking any of them while having all your letters selected (click on all your letters in your layers palette while holding down the SHIFT key) will align your letters (or anything else you have selected).

Choose the one circled below to line up all your letters by the bottom. This works great with capital letters. If you are using lowercase letters and you have a ‘G’ or a ‘Y’ or any other letter with hanging bits those particular letters will line up wrong but you can adjust them afterwards manually.

Digital scrapbook tutorial stack9

Note: The tool that is supposed to evenly space your files out (the 3rd in from the right) works AMAZING for  a row of photos, papers, edges, buttons, brads etc. but is TERRIBLE with letters. It spaces them out a little funky. Perhaps because they are all shaped and sized differently but you can give it a try. Sometimes it works ok.

But once you’ve lined them all up you’re done like dinner and you’re a digiscrapping winner.

Digital scrapbook tutorial stack8


Hope this helps you save a little time and frustration when making those titles. You can use this trick any time you need to open multiple files. Bookmark (or pin) this post and give it a shot. And if it does help you – let me know!

Happy Scrapping,
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