Easter Treat Bag Toppers
By: Candace Zentner

Easter is just around the corner and my daughters and I love to create fun little treat bags for friends, relatives, teachers… anyone I can think of, really! It’s a really easy way to add a personal (and crafty) touch to even the littlest gift.

Easter treat bag topper silhouette 1

Supplies Used:

I created my cut out elements using my Silhouette machine. If you don’ t have a digital cutting machine you can print the elements you’d like use with your printer and cut them by hand if you have some patience and a good pair of craft scissors.
Here’s how I created the print & cut elements using Silhouette Studio

Step 1: In Silhouette Studio open a new document create a rectangle for the base of your topper. The size will vary depending on the size of the bag you will be using – my bag was 4 inches wide, so my rectangle measured 4 ½” x 5”

NOTE: Keep in mind your topper will be folded in half later on, so if you want your topper to be 2 ½” tall, then double it to make it 5” tall.

Step 2: Open window on your computer where your digital paper is stored. Make sure rectangle in Silhouette Software is selected, then drag and drop the desired digital paper over onto the rectangle to fill it with the pattern

Step 3: Under FILE, select MERGE and open up the following elements: easter basket, candy corn/jelly beans and flowers

Step 4: Scale all elements down to fit onto your topper base. (Keep in mind your rectangle will end up being half as tall). Scale/arrange candy to fit into your easter basket.

Step 5: To create a white border around all the elements, use the TRACE function. Use the SELECT TRACE AREA to create a square around element, uncheck HIGH PASS FILTER and increase THRESHOLD slider all the way to the right. Select TRACE (this will create an outline around element)

Silhouette print cut bag topper 2

Step 6: Select outline around element, open the OFFSET WINDOW. Choose OFFSET, use slider to achieve the amount of white border around element. Go back and delete original TRACE outline

Step 7: Check to make sure the elements will be cut along the proper lines by using the Cut Style window.

Silhouette print cut bag topper 3

Step 8: Align all elements on mat within registration marks

Silhouette print cut bag topper 7

Step 9: Send to printer and feed through Silhouette to cut elements out!

Now for the assembly:

Step 1: Add pearls to flowers and ribbon to basket

Easter treat bag topper silhouette 4

Easter treat bag topper silhouette 5

Step 2: Fold topper base in half, add foam stickers to elements and adhere to topper

Easter treat bag topper silhouette 6

Easter treat bag topper silhouette 7

Step 3: Using two sided tape (one strip on each side of the inside/bottom of the topper) adhere to treat bag. 

Easter treat bag topper silhouette 2

And you’re done! Give it a try either with this design or design your own using your favourite Easter goodies.

Happy Crafting!

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