I’m really starting to get tired of hearing you tell me just how wonderful I am all the time.

– said nobody ever

52 reasons love you cards2

Well it’s true. Nobody ever gets tired of hearing how GREAT they are and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner it’s the perfect time to craft up a fantastically meaningful, personal and pretty dang adorable gift for your sweetheart.

Before I continue this post I feel a need to confess that I’ve been eating my photo props. I thought I’d be safe by buying those conversation hearts…and not even the REAL conversation hearts (which aren’t that good to begin with, in my opinion) but the cheapo extra icky dollar store kind. I figured they wouldn’t tempt me one bit.

You should know that I’m crunching on the last remaining heart from the 3rd mini box. (They came in a pack of 3 I had no choice!) What is wrong with me? Seriously. Ugh.

Sorry I had to get that off my chest.

Now back to the fun stuff!

52 things love you cards album2

These ‘52 Things’ Albums have been a big hit so if you haven’t made one yet I think this is your year. I can feel it. It makes a great gift for your sweetie or could be a great project for the kids to make for Mom, Dad or Grandma and Grandpa. It also makes a great anniversary gift. Something to keep in mind if you have an anniversary coming up. Apparently the traditional 1st year gift is paper so this would be perfect!

Click to start your 52 Things I Love About You Deck of Cards Album.

If you are new to my album templates let me break it down for you quickly. You get editable, pre-designed templates to create you own inserts as shown which you then print, cut and adhere to a deck of cards. You can pick up a cheap deck at the dollar store if you don’t have any laying around the house. After you download the templates you add your own text, pick a super cute font and print.

52 things love you cards album

 Now here’s the important part. I’ve included several file formats to try and accommodate as many people as possible. For the most creative control meaning you are able to edit or add the dummy placeholder text and add photos to the photo insert cards you will need either Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro or a digital scrapbooking software program like My Memories Suite, Storybook Maker, Craft Artist etc. The software must be able to read .PSD or .TIF files or be able to work with transparent PNG files.


If you don’t have any of these programs there is some good news. Mac Users can use the included blank JPG files to add text using the Preview Application that comes with the computer. Instructions are included. And finally I’ve also included blank lined cards in PDF format that you can fill out by hand if you don’t have any editing software or just prefer a hand-written look.

For more information on what’s included and software compatibility please see this post about the Thanksgiving Edition which applies to this version as well.

52 reasons love you cards

For a detailed tutorial on assembling the album check out this post here.

To get you started I’ve put together a list of traits and qualities to get your train of thought moving down the track.

52 reasons why i love you

My personal opinion is that it’s best to be as specific as possible. The point of taking the time to create a personalized gift is that it is supposed to be PERSONAL so try to avoid including an entire list of generalities and take the time to be specific. This will make for a much more meaningful and personal gift.

For example instead of writing “I love your cooking.” Reference a specific dish that stands out. You might say, “You make the best late-night grilled cheese” or “You grill the best burgers.” It feels a lot more personal AND bonus, it helps you break down one generality (you’re a damn good cook) into multiple reasons helping you come up with 52 a little easier. Of course, some generalities will apply. Just try and avoid an entire album full of generic thoughts. Know what I mean, jellybean?

So all that being said, use the list below as a starting point to start generating ideas. Some you can probably steal as is. Keep a note pad nearby the next day or two and start jotting down ideas as they come because I promise if you sit down at the computer and try and come up with 52 things on the spot chances are you’ll start drawing blanks after about 20!

  1. your strength
  2. good listener
  3. the little looks you give me when we are around friends
  4. your loyalty to me and everyone or everything that matters to you
  5. your compassion for everyone around you
  6. you will explain something until I understand it
  7. you like ____just as much as I do
  8. you are the other other person who likes____
  9. you know all of my flaws and accept me as I am
  10. you trust me more than I trust myself
  11. the way you hold me
  12. you always remember our anniversary
  13. the fun facts you’ve taught me (use examples as reasons!)
  14. you’ve got my back no matter what
  15. you’re an amazing father/mother
  16. you laugh at my jokes
  17. you never fail to understand
  18. your cuddles/hugs make everything better
  19. your smile brightens my day
  20. we finish each other’s sentences
  21. you always put the toilet seat down
  22. you make my (food item) just the way I like it
  23. you never give up on me
  24. your smell
  25. you put gas in my car/wash car without me asking
  26. the way you look at me
  27. you notice when I wear something new/get hair done
  28. you take interest in the things that are important to me
  29. your outgoing nature
  30. you’re a good cook
  31. how you can make friends wherever we go
  32. you say funny things/mispronounce certain word
  33. you’re tech savvy/personal IT guy/girl
  34. you put up with my____
  35. we make the best (board game/activity) team
  36. how you go out of your way to make me feel special
  37. you make the best burgers/steak (fill in your speciality)
  38. always inspire/encourage me
  39. your creativity
  40. your patience with ____
  41. the way you love our kids/pets
  42. we have no secrets
  43. you hardly snore
  44. can fix anything/handy around the house
  45. your ‘just because’ text messages
  46. the way you kiss me
  47. that you wanted to marry me
  48. love being your husband/wife
  49. I smile when I think of you
  50. you follow me on Twitter/Facebook
  51. you pat my butt when I walk by
  52. FINAL REASON #52 – because you’re you!

Need more reasons? Check out my list for 52 Reasons We Love DAD


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