I put together a short list of cute sayings for chocolate, candy (and non-editable) treats last year so I’ve decided to expand on it quite a bit. I hope it helps you out in putting together some awesome Valentines treats this year! Happy crafting ;)


  1. You’re ‘beary’ special (gummy bears)
  2. I can’t ‘lick’ my problems without you (lollipop)
  3. No matter what – we ‘stick’ together (glue, gum, lollipop)
  4. I’m a sucker for you (lollipop)
  5. You blog me away (blowpop)
  6. You’re my ‘treasure’ (chocolate coins)
  7. You take the cake (cake, cupcakes)
  8. You drive me ‘bananas’ (banana flavoured candy, banana bread)
  9. I’m bananas for you (banana flavoured candy, banana bread)
  10. I have a ‘ball’ with you (gumballs, sour balls)
  11. You are ‘eggs-tra’ special (chocolate eggs)
  12. You go the ‘extra’ mile with me! (extra gum)
  13. You can count on me when things get sticky (gum, jellies, marshmallows)
  14. I’m ‘stuck’ on you (gum, jellies, marshmallows)
  15. I’m ‘nuts’ for you (chocolate with nuts)
  16. You drive me ‘nuts’ (chocolate with nuts)
  17. You are ‘soda’ special (soda/pop)
  18. iThink you’re awesome (iPhone candy bar wrapper)
  19. You melt my heart (smooth chocolate)
  20. I love you no matter how you ‘slice it’ (something with slices)
  21. I ‘mint’ to tell you, you’re the best (mint-flavoured candy)
  22. You were ‘mint’ for each other (mint-flavoured candy)
  23. You go the “extra” mile with me! (extra gum)
  24. You ROCK! (pop rocks)
  25. You’re a real lifesaver (lifesavers)
  26. You’re the ‘berry’ best (anything berry flavored)
  27. I’m ‘nuts’ about you (nuts, M&M peanuts)
  28. You’re a real catch (goldfish crackers, fishing gear)
  29. You are o’fish’ally awesome (goldfish crackers, fishing gear)
  30. I like the way you roll (lifesavers, rolo, mentos)
  31. You have my heart (candy hearts)
  32. There are a million ‘Reeses’ why I love you (Reese’s peanut butter cups)
  33. I ‘knead’ you (bread)
  34. You’re kool (koolaid packet)
  35. Orange you glad you are mine? (orange flavoured chocolate or candy)
  36. We make a great ‘pear’ (fresh fruit, pear flavoured candy)
  37. Bee mine (bee, honey)
  38. I’ve got a soft spot for you (chewy chocolate chip cookie)
  39. Dog-gone it! Please be mine (toy dog, doggy biscuit)


  1. I ch-ch-choo choose you (train)
  2. I’m stuck on you (stickers, temporary tattoos)
  3. I a-door you (printable door hanger)
  4. I love/like you a latte (anything coffee related – gift card?)
  5. You’re the cream in my coffee (anything coffee related – gift card?)
  6. Together forever (duct tape, super glue or anything sticky)
  7. I think you’re a-maze-ing (puzzles, maze book)
  8. You make my heart bounce (ball)
  9. I wheelie like you (toy car)
  10. You blow me away (bubbles)
  11. I’m MAD about you (mad libs book)
  12. You’re the bomb (bath bomb)
  13. Will ewe be mine? (sheep)
  14. Ewe are special – be mine! (sheep)
  15. Especially for ewe. (sheep)
  16. I get a kick out of ewe. (sheep)
  17. You’re just my type. (different fonts, typewriter toy)
  18. You ‘auto’ be mine. (toy car)
  19. You’re ‘tops’ with me. (toy top, t-shirt)
  20. I’m hooked on you (fishing hook)
  21. You’re just write for me (crayons, markers, pencils)
  22. Let’s get this straight: you’re mine! (ruler)
  23. You measure up! (tape measure, ruler)
  24. You are the highlight of my life (highlighter, flashlight)
  25. You have left an lasting impression on my heart (sharpies)
  26. You rub me the right way (sand paper, hand/body lotion)
  27. Life is more bearable with you in it (teddy bear)
  28. We’re the perfect pair (socks, pair of anything)
  29. You’re purrr-fect to me (cat)
  30. It is rough when you are not around (nail file, manicure kit, sand paper)
  31. You’re a winner (scratch lotto ticket)

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I made this card,
Just for you.

It’s not the neatest,
It won’t pass a test
But I made it with love,
And that makes it the best.

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