Edited to add: Due to popular request Mary Jo’s Movie Night Bingo Card Printables are now (finally) available for purchase!

Movie Night Bingo Cards
Project & Tutorial by: Mary Jo Johnston

If you haven’t downloaded Movie Night, you must have been under a rock or buried under holiday decorations for the last couple of weeks. Hurry, it’s only FREE for a limited time!

And, I have an added bonus for you – a cute, new, FREE hybrid project that you can make (after you’ve unburied yourself from the holiday decorations!).


Go Grab:
Movie Night Kit, of course! (*note: a few elements are from the Christmas Flicks Kit, but you could use Movie Night for the entire project)
– A Circle Punch
– Scissors or Trimmer

Wow! That’s it. Besides your creative skills, computer and printer, you only need 3 tools.

How to do it:
I started with a simple 5” x 5” grid design, in Photoshop. (I later shrunk the entire design to 5” x 7”). From there, I selected my favorite elements and placed them in the each square. Don’t forget the FREE star in the middle!


After the grid design was complete, I flattened the image and placed it on top of my favorite patterned paper, in a new canvas. I added the MOVIE title and embellishment across the top, as well as, the instructions at the bottom. I printed the cards two to a page.


Next, I created my Bingo Markers and Calling Tags.
These are very simple circles (use a size that matches the size circle punch you own).


Your Calling Tags will vary depending on the elements you chose for each row on your Bingo Card. Be sure to create a Calling Tag for every element, under every letter. You’ll do this for each Bingo Card, as each one should be different. I created a total of four Bingo Cards, in four different patterns.


Create and punch as many Bingo Markers as you like. You’ll use these to cover the spaces on your card as each letter and picture are called.


Doesn’t that make you want to pop some popcorn, throw in your favorite movie and play a little Bingo?!

Happy creating and Happy New Year!

Mary Jo =)

Don’t want to make your own? Mary Jo’s Movie Night Bingo Card Printables are now (finally) available for purchase as print-ready PDF files!

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