You know you had 100 amazing ideas for the perfect stocking stuffers rolling around your noggin all year long and of course now that the time has come you’re stumped. Maybe you’re not stumped. Maybe you’re stuck in a stocking rut. Same ‘ol stuffers year after year after year? Snooze. Let’s spice up that stocking people! I’ve put together a list to help you get started. Please post and let me know what you stuff in your man’s stocking (ohh la la) or any ideas you might have. Together we can compile the ULTIMATE LIST! ;) Hope this helps.

  1. Personal Printable Coupons
  2. Scratch Lotto Ticket
  3. USB Stick/Flash Drive
  4. $5 Gift Cards (coffee, fast food)
  5. Coffee Mug Warmer
  6. iTunes Gift Card
  7. Coffee Cup or Mug
  8. Car Air Fresheners
  9. Silly Putty
  10. Cyber Clean Cleaning Compound
  11. Chapchick
  12. Nail Clippers and Tweezers
  13. Razors or Blades
  14. Shaving Cream/ Aftershave
  15. Travel-Size Cologne
  16. Axe Body Spray
  17. Beer Soap
  18. Mini Hand Sanitizer
  19. Boxers/Briefs
  20. Gloves/Hat/Scarf
  21. Shoe Laces
  22. Shoe Horn
  23. Pocket Comb
  24. Beef Jerky
  25. Gum/Candy/Mints
  26. Hot Chocolate Packets
  27. Snack Size Foods
  28. Travel Size Liquor Bottles
  29. Shot Glass
  30. Beer Cozy
  31. Car Air Fresheners
  32. Fishing Tackle, Hooks,Lines
  33. Golf Tees/Balls
  34. Pocket Knife
  35. Pocket Knife Sharpener
  36. Duct Tape
  37. Mini Tape Measure
  38. Mini Flashlight
  39. Tire Gauge
  40. Bottle Opener
  41. Personalized Pen
  42. Rechargeable Batteries
  43. Screen Protector for iPhone, iPad
  44. Magazine (Golf, Sports, Cars, Tech, Men’s Health)
  45. Something Naughty for You! (massage oil, sexy undies)
  46. Keychain
  47. Window/Leather Wipes for Car
  48. Deck of Cards or Card Games (like Uno)
  49. Crossword/Sudoku Book
  50. CD’s or DVD’s
  51. Power Tie
  52. Money Clip
  53. Paperback Book
  54. Book Light
  55. Funny Post-It Notes
  56. Chia Pet
  57. Bag of Coal (black licorice in a bag)
  58. Business Card Holder
  59. Mini Massager
  60. Camouflage Snuggie

ALSO: Check out these cool online stores:
ThinkGeek.com – I want a million things from this site! It’s the perfect one stop shop for the geek in your life.
RedEnvelope.com – Unique, classy gifts for your man – check out the ‘For Her’ section too! ;)
Photojojo.com – Super cool gifts for any photographer or photo-enthusiast
CoolMaterial.com – AWESOME gifts for guys
Uncrate.com – Digital magazine for guys who love stuff – lots of neat products and content

SHARE YOUR IDEAS: What’s on your list of stocking stuffers for your man?
Post a comment, let me know!

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