It’s almost Turkey time and I just couldn’t resist adapting my ’52 Things I Love About You’ Deck of Cards Album for Thanksgiving! You guys LOVED the original version so I’ve beefed it up BIG TIME to include lots more options and extras.

I just love this project. It’s super cute and very simple to put together. I’ve put together all the inserts in these great gender neutral fall colors and the text is fully editable so you can add in your own things and you can also change the wording of the title page if you want to something like 52 Reasons I’m Thankful For You or 52 Reasons We’re Thankful For You if it’s from multiple people.


In addition to the basic numbered pages, I’ve also included awesome photo inserts. You can add in family photos, your favorite shots, stock photos or even your Instagrams. You can alternate between the text inserts and the photo inserts or just add one or the other. And then it occurred to me that this would be a great project for the kids to make for mom, dad or the grandparents so I’ve also included blank lined inserts so you can print them all out (I’ve included them as a pre-numbered, print-ready PDF document), cut them all up and let the kids fill them in by hand and assemble the album themselves.


Here’s how to put it together.

1 deck of cards
2 binder rings or ribbon
hole punch or Crop-A-Dile
glue or tape runner
52 Things Deck of Cards: Thankful Edition
OPTIONAL: eyelets and rhinestone

Start with a deck of cards. I picked up a set of two at the dollar store for $1.25.


TIP: If you’re using a brand new deck of cards, run them through your hands and shuffle them up a bunch of time to get them a little worn in.

Punch two holes in one card and then use that card as a template for where to place the rest of your holes. To do this, use a bulldog clip to hold the cards in place a bunch at a time (depending how many cards your punch will go through) and place the card with the holes in it already on top. Use a Crop-A-Dile or hole punch to punch holes in all the cards a bunch at a time. NOTE: Be sure to place your holes BELOW the card numbers so you don’t take them all out. My punches sat in the suit symbols.


Arrange the cards to your taste. You can place them in numerical order or just at random. You want to have all the cards facing up (as NOT shown) because the front cover will cover the front card completely so this way when you flip over the cover the inside will show the pattern of the back of the card.

Thread the binder ring through the holes. You can find binder rings at your local office supply store. They come in various sizes. These are from Staples.


Then I filled out all the inserts and arranged them on a new 8.5×11″ document. I printed them out on Canon Matte Photo Paper, cut them up and start adhering them to the cards. I tried both wet and dry glue (tape runner). The tape runner was MUCH easier but I liked how the wet glue sort of bent the cards a little making them seem more worn. So my happy compromise was tape runner down the edges and a CONSERVATIVE line of wet glue down the centre. Too much wet glue will show through your prints even if you use a standard matte photo paper.


And that’s really all there is to it! I decided to embellish the cover with a rhinestone just to give it some bling. Then I used my Crop-A-Dile to secure some eyelets to the cover. You can get fancy and tie some ribbons around the binder rings if you like.


Option A: Type in your own list of ‘things’


Option B: Mix it up with some fun photo inserts


Option C: Print out the blank numbered cards and let the kids fill them in by hand. Or better yet, make two albums and give one to your hubby and fill them out for each other and exchange!


You can find the insert files here.


For a detailed explanation on the file types included, how they work and whether or not you have the correct software needed for this project, please see this post.

Enjoy!! xo

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