Most of you know Tay Silver, Peppermint Creative’s wildly talented Commercial Vector designer. I’ll be honest I have mixed feeling about this post. What Tay has created is SOOOOO absolutely adorable I can hardly wait to share it with you but just thinking about Halloween right now makes my toes curl. It’s July for goodness sakes! But what can I say, Tay is on the ball and she’s prepared all her Halloween products for you super early so that you’ll have time to get them prepared for your small business use.

So check out these ADORABLE potion bottle labels that she’s designed. OMG how cute?! I’m thinking these may be available as printables for personal use a little later on. What do you think? It would be a crime not to, they are so cute.

Potion Bottles have become very popular Halloween décor and Tay is going to share some tips on how to use her Witchy Potion Labels and colored glass bottles that you can find in most national craft store chains to create some spooktacular potion bottles of your own!

Hi Guys! Tay here. I’m so excited to share this product with you. I hope you’ll create something fabulous! First you’ll need to select some glass bottles in a color grouping you like. Our Potion Labels include at least 2 designs in each of the 4 sizes, giving you an ample selection for whatever bottle sizes you’ve chosen. These colored glass bottles came from Hobby Lobby at $2.99 each

But recycled glass jars coated with acrylic craft paint on the inside make very charming potion bottles as well!

After deciding which labels you want, you’ll need to measure your bottles before cutting the vinyl. If you’d like to create multi-colored labels like ours, click here to view our tutorial on vinyl color swapping. If you’d like to fill the bottles with liquid, glitter powders or other dark colored materials, consider using white vinyl for your labels or fill and cork the bottles and determine what vinyl color gives the best contrast. Once your vinyl is cut it’s a good idea to clean the glass bottles with rubbing alcohol to remove any dust and fingerprints from the glass to ensure the vinyl adheres well for a lifetime of use.

All the potion labels are hand-drawn and are slightly asymmetrical, making them appear visibly straight even if they are not applied perfectly straight so don’t worry about any mess ups, they add authenticity and witchy charm! Once your vinyl is applied, cluster the bottles in a haphazard way to give the appearance of a cluttered apothecary shelf and post a picture in the gallery to show off your wicked cool set!

Happy Crafting!

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