Easter Bunny Shadow Box
By: Mary Jo Johnston


Here comes Peter Cottontail, hoppin’ down the bunny trail…. =)

Easter is just around the corner! And, guess what?! There are scrap supplies in your kitchen! It’s a little secret I just discovered when I was thinking about what kind of cookies my twins and I were going to make for the holiday.


I noticed this cute little Easter Bunny cookie cutter (aka new scrapbooking template!) and immediately my mind started wandering to all of the cute papers I could use to cut out little Easter Bunnies.

Go grab these supplies and you can make one of these adorable shadowboxes, too!

Assorted Peppermint Creative Patterned Papers (printed on cardstock)

I used the following:
Hoppy Easter Papers|
Soopa Sunburst Papers: Her Collection
Color Coded Papers: Paper Collection
Sweet Cheeks Papers
Daditude Kit Papers
Rainbow Joy Papers
Miso Funky Papers
Shadowbox (I used the 7 Gypsies Shadowbox Tray)
Cookie Cutter or Easter Themed Template
White Fuzzy Pom Poms
Hoppy Easter Elements Kit
Easter Themed Brad or Embellishment

How I did it:
Print your papers onto cardstock or use all those small pieces of scraps you’ve been saving!

Trace the cookie cutter on the wrong side of the paper.

 EB-Shadowbox-2 EB-Shadowbox-3

Cut around the traced image. Repeat as many times as necessary to fill the spaces inside your shadowbox.

Apply a small amount of glue to lower center of your bunny and adhere a small white pom pom for the tail.


Adhere all of your images to the inside of the shadowbox.

Print a scalloped circle, word art tag and doodled border from the Hoppy Easter Elements Kit; cut and adhere to shadowbox as shown. Embellish with an Easter themed brad or accent.


Hang your new Easter décor for everyone to see! Happy Easter!


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