These adorable little fan flowers seem to be showing up just about everywhere lately so I thought I’d share a quick ‘HOW TO’ with you. This is a surprisingly easy and cheap project that doesn’t require too much effort or too many supplies…right up my alley!


Cutting Machine or a Ruler & Scissors
Tape Runner
Quick Dry White Glue
Scissors or Round Paper Punch
Colourful Paper
Buttons or Brads


Choose any type of paper you want. Colourful solids and/or patterns look great.


Cut strips of paper about 1” thick. I used my Cutterpede for this but you can also mark your paper with a pencil and cut by hand. Note that the flower will end up being double the width of your strip of paper so you are welcome to go bigger or smaller just keep the end size in mind. Then cut (or use a paper punch) some circles out of cardstock that are slightly smaller than your finished flower will be. Your circles can be hand cut, they go on the back so nobody will see them.


Next make the fan fold and try your best to make them as even as possible. This is a little bit tedious and slightly annoying if you have a short attention span like I do.


This is a good activity to pass the time if you get stuck on the phone talking to someone who just goes ON and ON…or if you want to teach your children the importance of patience.

‘Here kids…go make mommy some flowers.’

After folding about four of these little buggers I decided to try using the scoring blade on the Cutterpede to score the strips and to my surprise it worked GREAT. It was super easy to score and afterwards a TON easier to fold. Just a helpful hint.


**I interrupt this tutorial to tell you that I’m not a super crafty hybrid girl and I know many of you shy away from these type of projects because you don’t have the supplies or an interest in spending money on 20 different punches and cutting machines etc. I’m totally on board with that. I have to tell you I bought this Cutterpede on sale at Michael’s last summer and I LOOOOOOOVE it. I think I got it for around $20 USD and you can buy interchangeable blades for it for under $6. I think mine were under $5 on sale. I have a regular cutting blade, a scoring blade and a perforating blade (my fave). Canadians check out for Michael’s coupons for your area (they always have 40-50% off one item coupons and they are updated constantly) Americans check out RetailMeNot and grab one of these things.**

Ok, Back to the flowers…when you are done, turn the folded strip upside down.
Make SURE that you when the strip is turned upside down that both ends are pointing UP to ensure that the folds look even when flipped. If one or both side are pointing down just trim off the extra fold with a scissor.

Put a bit of glue or tape on those two ends on the COLORED side that will be facing up and then staple them together.

Turn it inside out and arrange it so that the folds are nice and neat. I found it helped to rest something like the end of a pair of scissors on top to hold it in place while I moved on the next step.

Add some quick drying adhesive (I used Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue) to one of your cardstock circles. Yes…it got a little messy.

IMG_2769 Place it on the backside of the fan flower.


Flip it over so you can make sure your folds are arranged nicely and hold for about 1 minute.


Then you can either attach a brad through the middle or glue on a button (or anything else you can find). And that’s all there is to it! Now you’ve got an adorable hand crafted embellishment to use on your scrapbook pages or your hybrid projects…they would even make a topping for a gift instead of a bow.


I thought I’d try and see what happened if I used strips of old magazines mixed with these cool vintage buttons and I LOVE how they turned out. A completely different look.

Try these out and see what you can come up with!

Thanks for stopping by ;)
Happy Crafting.

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