With Valentine’s Day on its way I thought I’d share this cute little project… ;)


I can’t take credit for coming up with this idea – I’d seen several versions online, mostly sort of cut and paste images from magazines or strips of cut up text so this is my ‘hybrid designer’ version. It was so so easy to put together – the hardest part was coming up with 52 unique ‘things’ LOL…nothing personal to my sweetie but 52 is a LOT of things!


If you want to create your own I’m posting a step-by-step tutorial along with a link to the inserts (see end of post) I made so you can use them if you want.


1 deck of cards
2 binder rings or ribbon
hole punch or crop-o-dile
glue or tape runner
printable inserts (or design your own)
OPTIONAL: eyelets and heart rhinestone

Start with a deck of cards. I picked up a set of two at the dollar store for $1.25.


Punch two holes in one card and then use that card as a template for where to place the rest of your holes. To do this, use a bulldog clip to hold the cards in place a bunch at a time (depending how many cards your punch will go through) and place the card with the holes in it already on top.


Use a crop-o-dile or hole punch to punch holes in all the cards a bunch at a time.


Arrange the cards to your taste. You can place them in numerical order or just at random. You want to have all the cards facing up (as NOT shown below…LOL) because the front cover will cover the front card completely.


Thread the binder ring through the holes. You can find binder rings at your local office supply store. They come in various sizes. I am using 1″ rings.


I designed my own cover and inserts for the cards that fit perfectly without covering the card numbers. You can alternate between red and black. So I filled them all out and assembled them on a new 8.5×11” sheet (300 dpi) and printed on matte photo paper (Canon).


Then I cut out all the inserts and start adhering them to the cards. I tried both wet and dry glue (tape runner). The tape runner was MUCH easier but I liked how the wet glue sort of bent the cards a little making them seem more worn. So my happy compromise was tape runner down the edges and a line of wet glue down the centre.


And that’s really all there is to it! I decided to embellish the cover with a rhinestone heart. I found a package at…you guessed it, the dollar store (my FAVE). Then I used my Crop-o-dile to secure some eyelets to the cover (as shown in the first photo waaaayy up at the top of this post). You can get fancy and tie some ribbons around the binder rings if you like.


If you want to make your own deck you will find links to all the inserts below. Note that they come with one red and one black insert and one cover page but since the text has to be editable so you can add your own ‘things’ it is in default Arial since I cannot distribute font files but the font is free so you can go find it here. It’s called Stone Hinge from Typadelic. I’ve included a text doc with the download so you can find it later…or choose your own font.

**EDITED Feb 2012 TO ADD** Oh but wait….there’s MORE! You guys loved this project so much I decided to expand on it and add some cool new things like photo insert cards and  fill-in-the-blank lined insert cards. Many of you were having trouble assembling the cards onto a single sheet to print so I’ve done the dirty work for you. I’ve included individual .PSD & .TIF files but also a pre-assembled (layered) 8.5×11″ print-ready sheet in both formats. I have also added BLANK .JPG and .PNG files for those who do not have software capable of reading layered files. And if that’s not enough…I also added a PDF print-ready document containing the ‘fill-in-the-blank’ pages so you can print them all out (if you don’t want to or can’t edit on the computer) so you can (or your kids/hubby can) create their OWN ALBUMS and fill in the cards by hand for you or someone special.
’52 Things I Love About You’ Deck of Cards Templates – DELUXE EDITION

You will require graphics editing software capable of reading either .PSD files (Photoshop, Photoshop Elements) or layered .TIF files (e.g. Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro) in in order to edit these files and customize the text as I’ve laid it out for you. They are not designed for use in Word, Powerpoint, Paint, iPhoto, or any online photo editing services HOWEVER, due to the bazillion trillion emails I’ve received from people without this type of software, I’ve also included blank JPG files, a blank 8.5″X11″ blank print-ready .JPG sheet that can be used to add your own text from scratch if you have a program that will allow you to do so. Mac Users can edit using PREVIEW. Instructions included.**

52 Reasons I’m Thankful for You Deck of Cards Templates

52 Reasons I’m Lucky To Have a MOM Like You Deck of Cards Templates

52 Reasons I’m Lucky To Have a DAD Like You Deck of Cards Templates



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