Starting Your Vinyl Business: Where to Sell Online
By: Tay Silver | Creative Cuttables & Commercial Vector Designer


Hey crafters! It’s Tay and I’m here to help you get your business off the ground! In our previous blog posts we’ve discussed how to import Peppermint Creative’s Vector Graphics into your machine, purchase supplies and cut vinyl lettering. Now let’s look at turning your hobby into a small business that can generate easy extra income from home.

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Starting a vinyl business is easy because it requires very little investment up-front and you don’t need to keep much inventory beyond your vinyl rolls and application tape. In fact, you won’t be cutting anything until you make a sale. But how do you get those first orders? Many people begin selling on auction sites, such as eBay, or craft buying sites such as Etsy or All of these sites attract buyers looking to purchase vinyl lettering and they also attract other businesses looking to sell cut vinyl.

It can be a bit intimidating realizing you’re not the only one selling vinyl online. This problem is easily overcome by identifying what type of vinyl you wish to sell and what kind of customer you want to attract. For example, you could focus on selling primarily vehicle windshield stickers, which use a slightly different type of vinyl, to customers who want humorous quips and phrases. Or you could focus on selling warm, inspirational wall quotes in several colors of vinyl to complement any interior décor. Once you identify your market niche, you can begin targeting your audience more directly, online and off. Either way, beautifully unique vinyl designs and crisp, clear pictures of your finished product are going to be paramount to your success. (For your convenience, Peppermint Creative products are exclusive designs and include a high-resolution PNG image of each graphic, allowing you to quickly add the product to your catalogue and begin selling immediately.)

Setting up a blog to operate like an online store is also an excellent way to promote your vinyl business. Many sites allow you to create blogs for free and post text and pictures. To create an online catalogue customers can view, simply post images of your available designs along with text describing the available vinyl color options and giving sizing and pricing estimates. You’ll need to ensure your e-mail is prominent on the site because you’ll require that clients view the catalogue of designs on your blog and then e-mail you to place orders. The nice thing about blog stores is that they show up easily in search engine results.

Please Note: Before starting any business you must register that business with your state and pay taxes on any sales you make. The process is simple, low-cost or free and most states allow you to complete your filing for a business tax ID online. This very small investment of time serves many business benefits and spares you from legal consequences from your state and/or the federal government. See your state’s Comptroller website for more information about the laws and processes for your specific state/province.

DID YOU KNOW? A sluggish economy is good for small vinyl businesses! Most households no longer have the discretionary income to spend on expensive decorating pieces so they are looking for lower-cost ways to fill empty walls, especially in baby nurseries and children’s rooms. Vinyl is the perfect solution and many shops are capitalizing on the fact that bad economy or not, people still want beautifully decorated walls.

See a small sample of our products below:

taycvs_gardenbug  taycvs_surfnurseryWA

taycvs_cowboynursery  taycvs_animals

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