New Uses for Vinyl: Home Décor & Craft Kits
By: Tay Silver | Creative Cuttables & Commercial Vector Designer


Tay here to talk about my absolute favorite use for cut vinyl: home décor crafts! If you’re thinking about getting a vinyl cutting machine or you have a Cricut, Silhouette or Wishblade that you’d like to cut vinyl on, click here for helpful tips to get you started.

Introduction to Vinyl Cutting Machines: Tools & Supplies You’ll Need
Cutting Vinyl With Your Cricut, Silhouette or Wishblade Machine
Custom Vinyl Cutting: Out of the Machine and onto the Wall

For you gals who have been cutting vinyl, by now you’ve become a seasoned pro at cutting, weeding, taping and applying it to just about every flat surface in your home. Perhaps you’ve even purchased some Commercial Use Vectors and are making money selling cut vinyl and you want to branch out into the “next big thing”. I can help you do just that!

Most vinyl home décor projects involve little more than wood, paint and of course, vinyl. You can either cut your wood to fit your vinyl or cut vinyl to fit your wood, especially if you purchase pre-cut craft planks from retail craft stores or home improvement chains. From there you can use acrylic craft paint or wall paint to paint your wood and then complete any additional wood treatments such as aging or edge sanding before applying vinyl and sealing it if you so choose. Add mounting hardware to the back if you intend to hang the piece or nestle your finished design between other décor accents.

An extension of this trend has been to create Do-It-Yourself craft kits where the vinyl business supplies not only the vinyl but the wood and printed directions on how to complete the project. These craft kits are popular sellers because they allow others with the desire to be crafty complete a project without the investment in tools and a vinyl cutting machine. Craft kits are wildly popular, especially around fall holidays when many communities offer holiday craft days or craft shows, and demand for kits far exceeds the number of suppliers.

Whether you intend to sell your completed vinyl home décor pieces and craft kits or simply wish to create unique items for yourself and friends, here are some helpful tips to get you started:

• Select materials that are easy to work with and vinyl-friendly, such as glass blocks, metal buckets and pre-cut wood boards if you do not have a saw.

• Purchase paints, sanding supplies and/or sealers appropriate for the surface you will be working on.

• Select vinyl designs that fit on and work well with the shape of your base material.

(Our perfectly-square BlockART is specifically designed for glass blocks and square pieces of wood. Many of our WordArt designs are long and slender, ideal for making wood board signs.)

• Get creative! Vinyl can be applied to any smooth, clean surface, giving you endless possibilities for coming up with new applications and giving your business unique appeal! The Peppermint Creative Gallery can help inspire you with dozens of finished projects from our Creative Team.

Here are just a few completed examples using our products:






Have fun branching out and seeing what new, innovative uses you can come up with! Feel free to post a picture of your work in our gallery or share your creativity on our community forum.

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