I’m dying to share these with you – I think these are my favourite Life in Pictures Cards to date! Check out the Canada Day & Fourth of July LIP Editions designed to coordinate with last year’s Summer Sparklers Kit.

I’m thrilled to get to do some Canada themed cards for this. I don’t think there are too many out there. The USA version was fun too. I can’t wait to see what you create.

Canada Day Pocket Card Collection for Project Life Peppermintcreative pocket cards canada day project life

Independence Day (July 4th) Pocket Card Collection for Project Life Peppermintcreative pocket cards independence day july 4 project life

Not a pocket card scrapper? No problem! Grab the digital scrapbook kit for 40% off right now.

Kit summersparkler

You can grab the kit AND the new LIP Collections for 40% OFF!!!!


Yes everything is included in this week’s Super Duper Summer Sale – even new releases but only until end of day Monday so hurry up and stock up on all your favourite Minty kits, pocket cards, templates and commercial vectors.

2014 summersalenews596

Happy shopping,

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Oh the HORROR!!

New Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation requires your express consent if you have not shopped with us in a while. You must re opt-in to our shiny new list. We must stay compliant Mintys!! If you were previously on our list you may receive one final note asking you to re-subscribe. Hurry and sign up. We don’t want to go on without you.


Plus you could be missing out on important Minty fun (and treats)!

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SneakPeek SSLIP

Here’s what I’m getting ready to share with you! Can you tell what it is? I think this is one of my FAVORITES yet!! Stay tuned!

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Dig up some templates you’ve already used and take them for another spin. Check this out: 1 Template – 3 Ways! It’s amazing how different the same template can look just by changing the papers or the orientation. We’re rocking this funk-tastic triangle template from Iffy’s Templates Set. #10.

Iffystem peppermintcreative

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Prepare to have your minds BLOWN! Iffy’s newest templates are here. I love all the fun and funky shapes in these two new sets. They are a totally different style for me personally but that’s what I think makes them so much fun. Oh the idea wheels are spinning. If you are not jumping for joy with excitement it may be due to a new affliction I’ve just invented.

Patterned paper phobia

Do you Suffer from ‘Bold Patterned Paper-o-Phobia?

Every day thousands of unsuspecting digital scrapbookers are are suffering in silence from a growing pandemic known as Bold Patterned Paper-o-Phobia. The fear of mixing multiple bold and/or busy patterned papers on a single layout.

Does this sound like you? You’ve got a folder full of beautiful papers but alas they sit unused. Untouched. You love them from afar. Visions of mixed bold patterns dance in your head. You spend hours pinning the most incredible and inspiring pages on Pinterest and you think ‘ YES! I can do this!’. But every time you attempt to use them you just can’t. make. it. work. Your anxiety level rises and ultimately you open a solid piece of grey paper in frustration and begin.

Defeat. Aww..rats.

You may be suffering from BPPP.

But it ends today.


Iffy’s Templates are designed to make it easy for you to mix and match lots of fun bold patterns into your pages without them taking over your page. In clinical trials 11 out of 12 Mint Chicks were able to complete gorgeous pages expertly incorporating a mix of patterned papers. The remaining Mint Chick was on vacation at the time of the study. In a randomized placebo controlled trial, evidence suggested that participants who used Iffy’s Templates completed 50% more layouts that were 100% more awesome than those who did not.


Using Iffy’s Templates may cause sudden increases in creativity and motivation to scrap those photos you’ve been meaning to get to for over a year. Not suitable for people who don’t like fun shapes or desire to create amazing pages. Using Iffy’s Templates may cause envy and amazement on the part of your family and online friends. Likely to cause increased requests to make pages as gifts for random people who only contact you when they need something. Do not use while drinking milk if you are lactose intolerant. Please contact your doctor if you develop a rash. That has nothing to do with these templates and you should probably get that checked out.

Iffytemplates set09

Iffytemplates set10

Take 20% off either individual set OR this week only, grab all 10 sets for $15.

That’s 75% off retail price and just $1.50 per set. CRAZY!

This deal is a little too good to pass up. In fact it would be practically irresponsible of you not to take advantage. But hurry because this deal ends Saturday June 7 2014 (midnight EST).

Iffyoneweek bundlenews

I can’t wait to see what you create with these babies. Check out these amazeballs pages from the team. You can take your pages to the next level of awesome too and made note of how multiple pattened papers were incorporated into these pages.

Page by: Iffy
Kit: Hello Growth
Template Set: Iffy’s Templates Set 10 

IT10 04

Page by: Kellie
Kit: Girlie Girls
Template Set: Iffy’s Templates Set 9 Web Ari Caroline

Page by: Tasha
Kit: Hello Growth
Template Set: Iffy’s Templates Set 9 MM HelloGrowth Iffy Tem9

Page by: Miss Mint
Kit: Goodnight Sleep Tight
Template Set: Iffy’s Templates Set 10  MissMint digiscrappages

Page by: Tasha
Kit: Hello Growth
Template Set: Iffy’s Templates Set 10  MM HelloGrowth Iffy Tem10

Page by: LeeAndra
Kit: Congrats Grad
Template Set: Iffy’s Templates Set 10  Graduation sm 2

Page by: Stacey
Kit: Hello Growth
Template Set: Iffy’s Templates Set 10  Adventures zps19a4061b

Page by: Iffy
Kit: Hello Growth
Template Set: Iffy’s Templates Set 9
IT09 03

Page by: Iffy
Kit: Hello Growth
Template Set: Iffy’s Templates Set 9 IT09 04

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling Mint-spired. Nevermind all the interesting layouts but think of all the possibilities when you start flipping and rotating these bad boys.

GIFT FOR YOU: Iffy was kind enough to share this amazing template absolutely FREE for a limited time. Last week we challenged you to use it to scrap a page for a chance to win one of Iffy’s newest template sets.

Iffytemplates freex2

The lucky winners of our long weekend challenge are Janelle and Nikole. Congratulations ladies! Your stunning pages wow’ed the judges. Thank you for sharing your awesomeness with us.

Page by: Janelle 10366117 10201956020173184 1404092989074071384 n

Page by: Nikole 10368223 10152417185524798 5282957932619135212 n

Are you ready to get scrapping? Boost your creativity into high gear and get those pages done with a prescription of Iffy’s Templates. Grab all 10 sets for $15 before this Saturday June 7 2014 (midnight EST).

Happy Scrapping,

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Template giveaway

Who’s ready for a Minty Weekend Challenge?

The ultra fabulous Iffy has TWO awesome brand new template packs set to release next week (sneak peeks above) and they could be yours! Get ready to scrap to win.

Download this exclusive freebie and wow us with your super scrapping skills. We’ll select our two favorite pages and each artist will win one of her new sets. So get your creativity flowing and push your page to the next level. Let’s see what you can do!

Iffytemplates freex2

CONTEST RULES: Eligible pages must contain at least 50% Peppermint Creative products. Pages must be posted on the wall of our Facebook Group and/or in the Gallery.

Deadline: Tuesday May 27th (midnight EST)


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