It’s my favorite day of the week!

FreshMint Friday is here and I’ve got something super special. Two NEW….yes brand new sets of templates from the one, the only, the amazing, Crystal Livesay! Crystal fans rejoice – she’s at it again creating new amazing templates just for us!!!

Clivesay templates set01

Clivesay templates set02


What kind of AWESOMENESS can you create with Crystal’s newest templates? Check out this major burst of Mint-spiration from the team. You can do it too!

Kick your pages up a notch: 

Page by: Megan
Credits: Hello Growth Collection + Crystal’s Templates Set. 01
Megan clivesayset1

Page by: Stacey
Credits: Girlie Girl KitCrystal’s Templates Set. 02 Stacey clivesayset2

Page by: Tasha
Credits: Lucky Duck KitCrystal’s Templates Set. 01  Tasha clivesayset1

Page by: Lynnette
Credits: Black Tie KitCrystal’s Templates Set. 01 Lynnette clivesayset1

Page by: Stacey
Credits: Comfy Cozy KitCrystal’s Templates Set. 01 Comfy cozy zpsjcrqxuz8  

Page by: Kirstie
Credits: Spring Garden KitCrystal’s Templates Set. 01 Vegetables2 zps2utv8urs

Feeling Mint-spired? I know I am. Do yourself a favor and give Crystal’s Templates a try if you haven’t already. Create stunning drool-worthy pages in a snap. Remember that template layers are moveable and adaptable allowing YOU to customize to your needs and add your own personal touch.

These new sets are 20% off today through Friday.

SHOP Crystal’s Templates Now

Only until Friday April 3, 2015 midnight EST

Before you go I want to leave you with another treat:

FMF SneakPeekEasterSpring

Can you guess what this is?

Could it be your Hello Spring Collection with a coordinating Easter add-on?

Ooops, I’ve said too much.

Yes it’s going to be awesome and it’s on the way very very soon! STAY TUNED. You won’t want to miss this collection.

In the meantime, keep in touch and chat with us in our Facebook Community Group!

We love to hear your ideas and see your Minty pages. xox

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Mintspiration forward

Happy Monday!

Here’s a little Mint-spiration to jump start your week and motivate you to get moving on whatever project/task/decision it is in your life that you’ve been afraid to tackle. This one really spoke to me this week.

It’s time to get moving!

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Mintspiration yourself

Happy Monday! I’m back with another Mint-spirational quote to help kick start your week in the right direction.

I spent a lot of time this weekend just browsing the gallery at Peppermint Creative pinning my most favourite Minty pages and looking back at some of the ones I’ve already pinned and was totally inspired to share a few gems that I somehow missed. Have you seen these pages?

Page by: Kirsty | Credits: Black Tie Kit + Crystal’s Template NewImage

Page by: Tiff | Credits: Hello Christmas + Hello Tradition and Iffy’s Template NewImage

Tag by: Mary Jo | Credits: Hello Me Kit NewImage

Page by: Iffy | Hello Summer Collection NewImage

Page by: Megan | Girlie Girl Kit + Hello Love Papers NewImage  

 Page by: Kirstie | Credits: Techno Geek Kit + Crystal’s Template NewImage

Page by: Iffy | Credits: Hello Growth + Hello Change Elements + PMP Template


Page by: Tasha | Credits: Roughing It + Wild Week + Grill Master NewImage

Are you feeling Mint-spired to scrap? I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Be sure to share your pages in the gallery the team and I just love seeing your creativity. Challenge yourself to try something new! I hope your week gets off to a super start.

Happy Scrapping,

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New this Week: Tons of new templates from Iffy have arrived including ones designed to incorporate our 3×4” LIP CardsIf you’re not a pocket scrapper but you just LOVE some of those cute title cards you’ve been seeing at Peppermint Creative, Iffy makes it easy to incorporate them in your regular pages. LIP Cards for all! Love fun shapes? We’ve got you covered on that front too. Check out the amazing team pages below to see these templates in action!

Enjoy 20% off through the weekend.
Save 47% when you purchase the bundle deal.

IffysCard Pack v01

IffysCard Pack v02

IffysSimple Singles v01

IffysSimple Singles v02

IffysThis Love v01

IffysThis Love v02

Iffy’s Card Pack v.1 & v.2 are already a HUGE hit with the team! Add 3×4″ LIP Title (or Journal) Cards right into your pages.

Enjoy 20% off Individual Packs
- or-
Get the Bundle (all 6 packs) for $10.95 – that’s 47% OFF!
Bundle Deal Available only until Sunday Feb 8 (midnight EST)



Page by: Iffy | Used: Iffy’s Card Pack Templates v.02

Page by: Kellie | Used: Iffy’s Card Pack Templates v.02
Web KellieResolutions600

Page by: Tiffany | Used: Iffy’s Card Pack Templates v.02

Page by: Lynnette | Used: Iffy’s Card Pack Templates v.02
20150201 SnuggleBums WEB

Page by: Kirstie | Used: Iffy’s This Love Templates v.02
Groovy2 zpsirzfcqk6

Page by: LeeAndra | Used: Iffy’s Card Pack Templates v.01
Three Babies 600sm

Page by: Kirstie | Used: Iffy’s Card Pack Templates v.02
Icecreamperfection2 zpsbierrdzu

Page by: Megan | Used: Iffy’s Simple Singles Templates v.01
15833832193 5e69e75467 o

Happy Scrapping,
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Mintspiration life quote02

Happy Monday Everyone! I’m back with another Mint-spirational quote that fits perfectly with this weeks release. This week it’s all about ME…well not me, YOU!

It’s so easy to get lost in taking pictures of everyone else and telling their stories that you end up forgetting your about your own. Your story is a really important one to record. Not just for yourself but for your children to one day read and enjoy when they marvel at the amazing albums and pages you’ve created. With that in mind, this month’s Hello Collection is designed to put the focus back on you.

So don’t be afraid – it’s time to create some AAM (All About Me) pages.

Peppermintcreative about me pocket cards 01

Peppermintcreative about me pocket cards

Peppermintcreative about me pocket cards 03

Peppermintcreative about me elements

I just couldn’t resist adding some fun device die cuts. They are smaller than 3×4” and are designed to fit over a 3×4” card. You can journal in the windows or use them as frames or any other creative use you come up with.

Peppermintcreative device die cut iphone

By request I also included some fun generic calendar stamps you can stamp over a photo or use them to create your own calendar cards. Includes both 3×4″ and 4×6” sizes. Don’t feel limited to using them as actual calendars, the full size calendar can also be used as a novelty design element.

Peppermintcreative calendar stamps

A scrapper can never have too many day of the week cards! This simple set coordinates with the collection perfectly!

Peppermintcreative week day cards

And of course, the coordinating kit

Peppermintcreative kit hellome

Peppermintcreative hellometextsolids copy


SPECIAL DEAL ends at midnight tonight EST.

Now let’s see this kit in action…Mint-spiration from the team:

Pages by: Sian
10959387 10153039018574929 2519761024692053247 n

10959387 10153039018574929 2519761024692053247 n

Page by: Tiffany
10646656 10153063658400429 243520137026413503 n

Pages by: Samantha
PL2015 week2 left

PL2015 week2 right

Happy Scrapping!

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Instead of sharing layouts what if Mint-spirational Monday looked something like this? A Mint-spirational quote to lift us up and start the week off right. What do you think? – See more at:
Instead of sharing layouts what if Mint-spirational Monday looked something like this? A Mint-spirational quote to lift us up and start the week off right. What do you think? – See more at:
Instead of sharing layouts what if Mint-spirational Monday looked something like this? A Mint-spirational quote to lift us up and start the week off right. What do you think? – See more at:

  Pocket card project life mix match

Are you getting the MOST out of your ‘Hello’ Pocket Card Collections?

Check this out: This collection of cards come from FOUR different Hello Collections.

Yes, FOUR!

When I started designing these monthly last year my goal was to make sure you’d get a ton of use out of each one individually but also as a whole. So I quickly went through my stash and pulled some cards from 4 different collections and believe me there were MANY more I could have included, but I just wanted to show you a quick demo of how well they all go together. Don’t be afraid to pull those cards out of their folders and let them mix and mingle with their friends in other collections.

You can really create your own collections. Plus don’t forget the neutral extras and daily stamps included that can easily be used with any past or future set. So don’t feel limited to stick to using ONLY the items included in each set. That’s the fun of it – you don’t have to.’


Hello Change Collection
CARDS # 4, 10, 19, 23, 24

Hello Love Collection
CARDS # 8, 10, 11 ,13, 15 

Hello Growth Collection
CARDS # 3, 5, 15, 20, 22 

Hello Giggles Collection
CARDS # 1 ,2 ,6, 7 ,9, 12, 14, 17, 18, 21

As shown a lot of the cards easily coordinate without any recoloring but on occasion you might have to do a little tweaking. Sometimes the colours might be slightly off – usually the base white. Some collections have a creamier white than others and when you put them together they might be a little off  - what’s a scrapper to do?

Here’s a quick fix:

How to recolor pocket cards project life cards

You can see in the ‘before’ the doilie card has a lot more yellow than the journal card beside it. This will bother the perfectionist in me until the end of time so a quick nudge of the white balance solves that problem and gives me a much cooler and brighter white in the ‘after’. Ahhh cololr harmony.

Here’s how I did it in Photoshop:

Recolor white balance digital scrapbook template pocket card 01

First, have the card you are altering open (as not shown above). It helps to have your card plus something you’re trying to match it to open so you can see both as you’re making changes. Make sure the one you want to alter is selected (click on it to make sure that window is active) before you continue.

Recolor white balance digital scrapbook template pocket card 02

You can see results in real time so play with the slides until it looks good. Choosing WHITES means you are altering just the white balance but it will naturally effect the rest of the card as well. I pulled down the yellow and added a bit of cyan and now it looks good. Click OK.

Recolor white balance digital scrapbook template pocket card 03

DONE! If you want to save it be sure to save it under a different file name so you don’t overwrite the original that matches with the kit it came from.

Hope that helps you get more out of your cards :)

Happy Scrapping,

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